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Bligh Tanner Pty Ltd

Bligh Tanner has extensive relevant experience in water policy, technical services and project delivery. Water is essential for human existence, yet urban population growth, climate change and environmental pressures are dramatically and permanently altering the ways in which we use and reuse water. Bligh Tanner has set international benchmarks for innovative integrated water management. The firm seeks to reduce the pressure of modern development on the water environment and create new development opportunities in an increasingly regulated or stressed landscape – leaving a legacy of improved access to water and reduced impacts from flooding. A selection of our relevant experience is the following: Client: JFE Engineering (contracted to the Japanese Government) and Economic Development Qld, Project: The concept design, detail design and project delivery for the PotaRoo, a 44ML/annum rainwater to potable water reuse scheme and the FiSH, a 80 ML/annum stormwater harvesting to non-drinking water reuse scheme. Winner of the Qld AWA Innovation Award 2012. Client: Summarecon (private Indonesian development company) Project: the design of an integrated flood management, water quality and water supply project for a new development in West Jakarta Client: Townsville City Council Project: The Townsville Stormwater Strategy, an extensive review of the issues associated with managing stormwater in Townsville and the development of a strategy, based on detailed analysis, dealing with stormwater into the future

1. Integrated Water Management, inclusive consideration of water, wastewater and stormwater, 2. Water Quality Management for drinking water supplies, 3. Stormwater Quality Management related to long term operations of facilities 4. Erosion and Sediment control management 5. Urban/peri-urban flooding and stormwater drainage investigations 6. Civil engineering design for the implementation of schemes or works for the above

  • Moreton Bay Regional Council, Lake Management Plans
    Preparation of Lake Management Plans for a suite of urban waterbodies in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. Lake Management Planning is a systematic way of assessing the status of a lake against a range of ecological, safety, amenity and functional criteria, which then provides an evidence base to develop management and rectification strategies. The work has required field assessment followed by analysis and reporting
  • Fitzgibbon Water Harvesting Projects
    The Fitzgibbon Chase project is recognised internationally as a new model for hybrid centralised/decentralised water supply systems. Bligh Tanner has created the innovative new water management model developed for the 114 hectare housing community in Brisbane that allows the Fitzgibbon Chase housing community’s water supply to grow as its population increases. It features a non-potable stormwater harvesting system (the FiSH) and potable roofwater harvesting system (PotaRoo). The FiSH diverts, filters and disinfects urban stormwater runoff to supply non-potable water for irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry and outdoor uses. The PotaRoo harvests roofwater from approximately 500 homes in Fitzgibbon Chase, which is pumped to a central water treatment plant to produce water of potable quality. Together, the FiSH and PotaRoo are estimated to achieve a 60% savings on normal mains water use.
  • South Bank Rain Bank
    The South Bank Parklands Rain Bank is an important demonstration project for distributed alternative water supplies in Australia. The system reduces the South Bank Parklands’ dependence on mains water supply, improves drought security and contributes to cleaner, healthier waterways. It diverts stormwater runoff from a 30 hectare highly urbanised catchment and receives pre-treated waste backwash water from the South Bank swimming lagoons. Rain Bank has been successfully operating since May 2012. It is estimated to supply on average 77 ML of water per annum (6.4 ML/month), representing 87 per cent of the Parklands’ irrigation and water features demand.
  • Stormwater Infrastructure Options to Achieve Multiple Water Cycle Outcomes
    A comprehensive investigation was undertaken on behalf of the Commission to assess stormwater infrastructure options to provide multiple water cycle benefits for new broad scale developments. This included comparison of the costs and benefits of conventional stormwater drainage approaches, WSUD drainage systems and various options for roofwater and stormwater harvesting. The assessment enables a better and deeper understanding of costs and benefits for a range of stormwater infrastructure options.
  • Cijantra Lakes
    This project is the development of a new town including residential, commercial and educational facilities in West Jakarta. Bligh Tanner has been providing flood and drainage modelling to determine an appropriate management strategy for the development.
  • Warrigal Farms
    Warrigal Farms is a landmark in Sunnybank, Brisbane. It has been farmed by the Buyers family for over a century, but as the last remaining parcel of land in the area, is now subject to development. Bligh Tanner has provided all the civil and environmental engineering for the purposes of obtaining a planning approval to subdivide the land. The ultimate subdivision is for approximately 250 lots. This work scope has included: roadworks planning, stormwater and flood management, including extensive flood modelling to assess impacts downstream of the site, water and sewer planning. Bligh Tanner has added considerable value by using a ‘choking’ concept for the flood management, rather than a traditional detention basin. This has resulted in more actively used open space being made available, along with the incorporation of a wetland, providing significant amenity to the area.
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