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CACL Pty Ltd

CACL Pty Ltd, through its managing director Roger Patrick is a leader of change and better management in the water sector. Roger’s clients include international development agencies, utilities, government agencies and water institutions in Australia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Over the past 25 years, Roger has led an extensive body of work including international development, utility performance improvement, benchmarking/best practices, designing and facilitating both conventional and innovative public-private partnerships, water sector institutional reform, strategy, water sector-funded research on trends and best practices, customer service improvement, new technology assessment and water loss reduction.

As well as a leader in water sector strategy, he has assisted many water utilities and other clients to manage complex change projects and implement management improvements. Roger has published many articles on performance improvement, trends and innovation within the water sector.

– international development
– non-revenue water reduction
– sector reform and institutional strengthening
– capacity-building
– utility performance assessment and improvement
– benchmarking and best practices
– public-private partnership development and procurement assistance
– financial and economic assessment

  • United States Agency for International Development – Jordan: Non Revenue Water Project
    Over an 8 year period, and continuing, have assisted USAID and Miyahuna (Jordan’s largest water utility serving about 4 million people) to reduce non-revenue water there, an existential issue for that country. The work included concept development and facilitating an 18-month proof-ofconcept phase as an embedded advisor within both USAID and Miyahuna, and now hands-on assistance in the implementation. Project value to date is AUD 100 million.
  • United States Agency for International Development- Jordan: Institutional Strengthening and Support Project
    Performed a core role in redesigning the entire water sector of Jordan, including introducing new institutions and better cost recovery, planning and execution.
  • United States Agency for International Development – Lebanon: Lebanon Water and Wastewater Strengthening and Support Project
    Performed a key role in a program to strengthen Lebanon’s water utilities and sector governance
  • Global Environmental Technology Foundation
    Reviewed a project being implemented by Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor in Madagascar, which was delivering clean drinking water and improved sanitation facilities for peri-urban residents.
  • Sydney Water
    Facilitated a process whereby teams comprising 16 senior managers identified how each main function compared to international best practice, and what changes were required at Sydney Water to emulate such performance considering Sydney Water’s unique circumstances. Changes identified were valued at 30% savings while simultaneously offering improving service and environmental performance. Case study published in the Journal of the American Water Works Association.
  • American Water Works Association Research Foundation
    Twice co-led projects titled “A Strategic Assessment of the Future of Water Utilities”, advising on trends, future scenarios and strategies, and collaborating with a multi-party team and over 100 water industry leaders.
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