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Civic Ledger Pty Ltd

Founded in late September 2016, a multi-award-winning global company that provides strategic advice and technical delivery of blockchain-complete and surrounding technology solutions for government ecosystems. We specialise in data-driven platform solutions with a public sector perspective – within the civic service itself or where the civic service is a major stakeholder – to deliver fair access to shared public resources and entitlements. Civic Ledger is an acknowledged domain expert on digital technologies for water markets and associated trading activities. We have worked with the Australian and state governments in developing Water Ledger , a blockchain-based water entitlement registration and trading platform. Our input on digital water related topics is sought by bodies such as the World Economic Forum, the OECD and the Water Economic Forum.

Public sector regulated marketplaces – Civic Commodities Blockchain-based Distributed Exchange Platforms to create new digital marketplaces for citizens to self-serve and self-manage entitlements such as permits, licences and vouchers. Sustainable Commodities Blockchain-based Distributed Exchange Platforms to increase the transparency of sustainable commodities trades such as water, carbon, energy and precious resources. Software Development – Civic Ledger is a multi-disciplined systems company coding to a wide range of programming languages including Solidity (Ethereum blockchain) .Net, C# and Objective C. Consulting – Civic Ledger advises senior business and government leaders on the use of digital technologies to reshape enterprises and government including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technologies.

  • Australian Government – Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Australian Government – Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Project: Water Ledger,South E
    In March 2017, Civic Ledger successfully applied for funding under the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) to develop and deliver a Feasibility Study Report to consider whether a blockchain based distributed exchange platform could increase the transparency in water market trading. Civic Ledger was one of four companies selected by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. During the development of the Feasibility Study Report, we found that the original hypothesis evolved rapidly through the Challenge process and differed in some significant ways from the original proposal. As such, the problem to be solved was reposed. Civic Ledger designed a blockchain-based solution to solve the complexity of the trade itself. Further, we were able to articulate the importance of defining the governance arrangements (public policy and ASIC / ACCC implications) and Standards to support the blockchain solution design for application within global water marketplaces. The purpose of the Water Ledger project was to verify all transactions (water trades) and update State registries in real time to prove in the public interest that something happened (a state of change) and its provenance of such a transaction (water trade).,In partnership with Marsden Jacobs Associates, Civic Ledger has been engaged by South East Water to deliver a Feasibility Study on the potential of a blockchain based micro-trading platform for the purpose of enabling residents at Fishermans� Bend to trade rainwater / reclaimed water.
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