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Clive Lyle and Associates Pty Ltd

Clive Lyle has worked on an extensive range of river basin, water resources and irrigation projects in and Australia Asia as team leader and specialist member for projects conducted by international development agencies, agencies of developing countries, Universities and consulting companies,. I regularly consult directly to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank on project design, supervision and evaluation and am highly familiar with their procedures. My main areas of expertise are river basin management and planning, institutional and policy arrangements, team leadership and project management. My experience is recognised by my appointments as: i. a water expert to the current and previous DFAT/AusAID Water and Environment Expert Panel; ii. a member of the World Bank ?Water Expert Team?; iii. international CTA member of the World Bank Team that won a World Bank Vice President?s Team Award (2012) for innovation, development impact, levering partnerships, and sharing knowledge across boundaries for work on the GEF Hai River Basin project in China. iv. Principal Fellow (honorary) in IWRM at the Melbourne University.

• In-depth knowledge of IWRM in Australia, Asia and of key development partners
• Team leader of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams
• Provision of advice to governments of developing countries
• CTA/specialist IWRM policy and institutional arrangements in developing countries
• CTA/specialist for development of river basin plans
• CTA/specialist land and water management plans in developing countries
• Adaption of Australian WRM appropriate to specific developing countries
• Design, supervision and evaluation of IWRM programs and projects
• Networks of Australian institutions relevant to IWRM and irrigated agriculture
• Research and training into IWRM

  • India: Karnataka Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management Investment Program (2012/13, 2015 – ongoing, 6 months intermittent to date)
    CTA for a large, 7 year, $225 million, ADB/Government of Karnataka and India project. The project involves large scale irrigation modernisation and the introduction of contemporary approaches to IWRM (institutional arrangements policies, RBO, information management, river basin planning and management, participation, water use productivity and water use efficiency) and river basin management. I work predominately on the IWRM aspects as chief advisor to government. I was team leader for the project preparation TA (2012-13).
  • Indonesia: Water and Irrigation Sector Management ProjectPhase-2 (2012 – ongoing, 5 months intermittent to date)
    Principal Advisor for World Bank supervision missions for a large project dealing with river basin planning and water resources sector institutional strengthening. Another component involved irrigation rehabilitation. As part of a separate but linked contract, I was a team member with WB staff for an investigative study of river basin institutional arrangements, asset management, operations and their financing in Indonesia (report in press). This involved the study of the SOE model for river basin management used in parts of Indonesia.
  • Indonesia: Institutional Strengthening for the Water Resources Sector (2013-14, 4.5 months intermittent)
    Lead international consultant for this ADB study to assess the laws, institutional arrangements, policy, financing, information management, participation, capacity and strengthening needs for IWRM and river basin management in Indonesia. Assessed arrangements consistent with international best practice to make recommendations regarding strengthening needs for the water resources sector
  • Laos Mekong Region: Nam Ngum River Basin Development Project and MRC projects (2006-2012, 39 months intermittent)
    International river basin planning specialist for this ADB and French government funded project. Developed guidelines for river basin assessments and for IWRM based river basin plans. Led development of river basin plan which included arranging for CSIRO support to undertake water resource modelling to support plan development and scenario and risk assessments. In parallel with this, assisted in capacity building of the water sector in Laos, assignments dealing with watershed and river basin planning for the MRC, and design of a package of assistance for river basin management for the World Bank and Swiss SDA.
  • China Integrated Water and Environment Management of the Haihe Basin (2004-2010, 12 months intermittent)
    Advisor for this $33 million ($17 million GEF) World Bank project addressing the severe over exploitation of surface and groundwater and the extreme pollution of the rivers and off-shore Bohai Sea. My technical involvement was mostly with Beijing and Tianjin Municipalities and Hebei Province in developing integrated water and environmental management plans in 16 Counties. Prepared planning guidelines (published in China). Worked closely with other consultants national and international especially the use of remote sensing to measure ET to monitor water usage. Trialing of water saving and demand management approaches usage. The project won a WB vice-president’s award.
  • China IWRM of the Tarim Basin (1998 – 2004, 20 months intermittent)
    Team leader for a 2 phase TA project of $US 2.3 million to support a World Bank project of USD 150 million. The TA involved both international and national consultants. The project contributed to the development of institutional strengthening of the Tarim Basin Water Resources Commission; assistance in development of the Tarim Basin Plan and its water allocation arrangements; and support to County level Land and Water Management Plans to implement the Basin plan and introduce water saving irrigation technologies.
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