Australian Partners

Deakin University

The Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) at Deakin University has broad expertise in water across the agricultural and urban water areas. Additionally, CeRRF is one of a number of Strategic Research Centres at Deakin and regularly draws upon the breadth of expertise across the university to deliver project outcomes. Within the core CeRRF staff, our expertise includes water policy and planning, urban water research with a particular focus on water quality, irrigation water management and climate modelling.

Water policy and planning Water quality Irrigation water management Sensing technologies Climate modelling Analytical sciences and real-time-measurement techniques Data analytics.

  • Improving soil and nutrient management to enable double cropping in the rice lowlands of Lao and Cambodia
    ACIAR funded project to improve irrigated agriculture in this region.
  • Benchmarking cotton water use across Australian irrigated cotton areas
    Cotton Research and Development Corporation funded project to benchmark irrigation water used in the cotton industry to drive water use efficiency
  • Latin America capability building delegation visit
    Funded by Victorian Government, Deakin University and the Chilean government to exchange knowledge on government water management and particularly learn from the Victorian experience.
  • Climate modelling in Western Victoria
    Refer to the short video at the following link, which highlights the product from this project (
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