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DG Consulting (Aus) Pty Ltd

DG Consulting provides high quality consulting and advisory services to a limited number of water and natural resource management agencies which are mainly government owned. The core business of the company is the development of water and natural resource management policy and strategy that are based on robust principles and are designed with a strong understanding of industry practice.

We are committed to developing people centred, practical solutions. DG Consulting offers diverse professional experience, particularly in the governance and executive management of water utility and natural resource management organisations. This experience includes being influential in contemporary Australian water reform, particularly in Victoria, but also within the Murray-Darling Basin and at a national level. We focus on water policy and planning, water resource management, environmental water management, water entitlement reform and market development, and irrigation system management including strategic asset management advice.

DG Consulting also has well established relationships with a range of like-minded, expert consulting colleagues with complementary skills. This provides the scope to assemble high performing, multidisciplinary teams to tackle complex assignments.

• water policy development and implementation planning, including planning for drought and climate change;
• water resource planning and management (including water system operations);
• environmental water management and delivery planning;
• water entitlement reform, water market development and advice on trading strategies;
• water accounting development;
• water system and utility service management, pricing and tariff reform;
• strategic asset management advice;
• irrigation and drainage systems operation, maintenance and management;
• strategic planning, governance and organisational development;
• customer and community consultation and engagement.

  • Unbundling of water entitlements in Victoria
    DG Consulting’s Garry Smith (who was at that time working for Goulburn-Murray Water) was part of the multi-agency project team responsible for developing arrangements for the unbundling of water entitlements in regulated water systems in Victoria. This was a major change program which involved the full separation of water from land, and the separation of “bundled” water rights into separate components of a water share, a water use licence and a delivery share. This included design of water shares and development of trading arrangements, especially the conversion of poorly specified sales rights into a clear, tradable right
  • Development of the Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy
    The Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy discusses threats to water availability and quality over the next 50 years, and outlines actions to manage the consequences of prolonged drought and climate change. The strategy includes innovative measures.Garry Smith of DG Consulting made significant inputs to the development of strategy options, particularly in relation to storage reserve policies; enhancements to carryover; water trade improvements; better management of domestic and stock use from farm dams and groundwater; and access arrangement and charging principles for use of irrigation supply networks to deliver environmental water entitlements.
  • Independent Review of River Operations
    The Independent River Operations Review Group (IRORG) is an independent three-member group established by the MDBA. Garry Smith of DG Consulting has been appointed as a member of IRORG. IRORG annually reviews the MDBA’s performance in relation to river operations activities. IRORG consults with representatives from each jurisdiction to ensure all issues and views on key issues are properly identified and understood. It also reviews detailed documentation provided by the MDBA and prepares a detailed report assessing the Authorities performance and providing key observations and findings on a wide range of activities including river operations, operational planning, water resource assessments, hydrometric monitoring, water accounting, liaison with jurisdictions and emergency planning
  • Strategic Review of Joint Programs
    Garry Smith was part of a team (led by Sinclair Knight Merz and including Frontier Economics) which undertook a strategic review of the River Murray and Natural Resource Management programs which are jointly funded by the jurisdictions with a direct interest in the MurrayDarling Basin. The review was commissioned by the Basin Officials Committee (BOC) to comprehensively assess current investments in the Joint Programs and recommend future priorities in recognition of significant changes in the business environment, such as the emerging Basin Plan. The Review assessed the operation of the current Joint Programs ‘model’ and addressed the importance of program governance, transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, delivery, cost sharing and accountability. Key findings of the review covered exemplary characteristics of existing programs, and governance, strategic, operational and financial issues.
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