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Earth Systems Consulting Pty Ltd

Earth Systems is a multidisciplinary environmental and social consulting firm providing specialist services to the private, public, and international donor sectors in Australia, Asia, the Pacific, Africa, South America, and Europe. We have offices in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), China (Shanghai), United Kingdom (Bristol), Lao PDR (Vientiane), and Senegal (Dakar). Established in 1993, we have completed over 300 projects for clients including government, private companies, aid agencies, development banks, and research organisations. We have worked on projects in developed and least developed countries in sectors ranging from urban and rural development to water and wastewater, hydropower, mining, agriculture and linear development. Water management, protection of water resources, and developing and implementing remediation strategies for polluted waterways and water bodies are core activities of Earth Systems. We offer a range of services specific to the water and waste water sectors. With over 20 years? of international experience, we have strong regional experience in the Mekong region (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam), Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China, Australia, and the Pacific. Our reputation is built on high quality, objective and value-adding services that reflect the environmental and social expectations of the present and anticipate those of the future. Our proven track-record in the Indo-Pacific region means we have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with a wide-range of environmental, water and social issues in urban and rural development and the ability to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions for potential AWP International Partners.

We have assisted our clients to complete numerous projects successfully in both large-scale multi-million dollar infrastructure developments to smaller infrastructure projects, across all project stages. Our multi-disciplinary expertise provides Earth Systems with the skills to provide a range of organisational capabilities to tackle water issues in urban and rural development, including (but not limited to): – Water consulting, assessment and management, monitoring and treatment; – Rapid test kits/tools to assess water quality/environmental geochemical risks (acid, metals, salinity); – Aid and international development, disaster risk management, resettlement/livelihood restoration; – Environmental consulting including in impact assessments and environmental management; – Social consulting, social/health impact assessments, community consultation and development; – Training and capacity building in water and environment/social issues; – Contract water treatment and monitoring services; – Sustainability consulting, carbon accounting, eco-efficiency audits and CDM carbon credits; – Technology research and development, including in waste to energy applications; – Development of GIS/remote sensing, and environmental and social databases.

  • Australia-Cambodia Integrated Water Resource Management Technical Assistance (AusAID, Cambodia, 2011-2012)
    Earth Systems lead a short course consisting of three components: a) incountry preparation; b) short course delivery; and c) post course assignment. The IWRM Short Course Program included modules on Integrated River Basin Management (IWRM), mitigating water pollution, estimation of water use and water balance, basic principles of river basin modelling, flood/drought policy and planning, and operation and maintenance of water infrastructure.
  • Lake Tai Water Pollution Treatment Project (AusAID, China and Australia, 2009- 2012)
    Earth Systems was the lead firm responsible for overall project management of the activity encompassing: project mobilisation and inception including establishment of Project management systems and procedures, coordination of inputs of specialists, liaison with Chinese and Australian government partner agencies and ACEDP, financial management and reporting and quality assurance of all Project outputs. Key Project services included IRBM and environmental governance, science-based lake management, technical measures in support of lake governance / IRBM, policy application of catchment modelling and NPS pollution management, and policy orientated optimisation of wastewater treatment in Lake Tai.
  • Environment Focal Point Training (AusAid, Canberra, 2011)
    Earth Systems was engaged to design and deliver a 1-week training program for AusAID’s Environment Focal Point Network (comprising overseas and Australia-based staff engaged in aid programming and policy) to strengthen and improve AusAID’s environmental management practices. The overall focus of the Network is to ensure legal obligations and development effectiveness objectives are met by AusAID staff.
  • Combat Tannery Waste Issues in the Ganges River Basin, India (AusAid / Victorian Government / Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK))
    Earth Systems teamed up with the Victorian Government and the Indian IITK to deliver a roadmap for action by government, business and the community for the benefit of the environment and the Jajmau Leather Industry in Uttar Pradesh, India. The project is supported and funded by AusAaid. The roadmap will provide a realistic and measured approach to address social and environmental impacts and will offer both technical and regulatory solutions.¨ Implementation of the plan includes technical solutions, regulatory interventions, industry support programs and education of the tannery community.
  • Technical Assistance Program for the Environmental Management Unit (EMU) (Government of Lao PDR / Nam Theun 2 Power Company, Lao PDR, 2006-2009)
    Earth Systems assisted the EMU to monitor all environmental obligations for Nam Theun 2 Power Company (hydropower plant owner/operator), including monitoring environmental mitigation and management measures implemented; conducting capability assessments; implementing a comprehensive capacity building program (workshops and on-the-job training) for EMU officials in order to build technical expertise in environmental and water aspects of hydropower projects; assisting the EMU to coordinate its work with other Government Authorities and non-government agencies concerned with the environmental objectives; and training central, provincial and district EMU officials in the proper techniques of project inspection, monitoring, use of field monitoring equipment, data analysis and reporting.
  • Gender and Disaster Risk Management Assessment for the East Pacific Region (World Bank, Lao PDR, Vietnam, and the wider East Asia Pacific Region)
    Earth Systems prepared tools, guidelines, and benchmarks /indicators for World Bank staff and clients on the implementation of gender balanced DRM policies and activities. This project lead to further work in disaster risk management for the World Bank, including undertaking a review of Indonesian and Philippines Post-Disaster Recovery Frameworks with options for making it more gender-inclusive; and preparing a National Data Collection and Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Country Case Study for Lao PDR.
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