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Enviro and Legal provides environmental (and social) impact assessment (EIA), climate change, integrated water resource and catchment management and legal services across the Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. We specialise in providing frank, honest and strategic advice to our clients. Our unique approach allows us to provide our clients with practical strategic solutions to undertake innovative approaches to protect the environmental while saving their business money and reducing risk. We also have extensive experience in multi billion dollar projects ($40 Billion). Our team has nearly 30 years’ experience in providing services to clients in over 80 countries. Enviro and Legal’s lead is Peter Wulf. Peter is a Scientist (two science degrees plus PhD in submission), Barrister (bachelor and masters degrees), Mediator and Project Director with 28 years. Peter has also been a tribunal member on numerous Australian and international tribunals. Peter’s specialty is finding practical solutions to extremely complex situations associated with large ESIAs, cumulative and strategic impact assessments and water related projects. Peter has developed water related legislation, policy and guidelines in many countries. We regularly undertake our work consistent with international safeguards, performance standards/frameworks (eg World Bank; IFC; ADB; UNDP etc); and the Equator Principles. All our work is undertaken consistent with Good International Industry Practice and consistent with legislative requirements.

1. Extensive experience working and strong links with Governments, international institutions, regional
bodies, private sector and NGOs across Asia Pacific
2. Significant experience related to climate change and its impacts on water resources
3. Unique skills in combining science, management and law and the development of law, policy,
guidelines, management documents etc
4. Catchment/Basin Planning and Management work internationally
5. Excellent understanding of agricultural activities and their impacts on water resources, particularly
diffuse land based pollution
6. Worked in almost every country across the Asia Pacific
7. Experience working on DFAT Funded projects internationally
8. Aquatic and terrestrial ecology
9. Water quality
10. Experience in the management and infrastructure development of urban water supply and treatment

Enviro Legal
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