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Enviro Policy Consulting

Nadeem as the Principal Consultant has over 20 years experience in delivering environmental management programs locally and internationally. He has worked extensively in Murray – Darling Basin Plan reforms since the inception of the Murray – Darling Basin Authority in 2008. Nadeem has substantive experience in environmental program management and design, environmental and sustainability policy, research program management and environmental planning at regional and landscape scales. Nadeem holds a Bachelor’s degreee in Agriculture Business, A Masters of Science in Natural Resource Management and is currently a part-time PhD scholar in the field of environment and sustainability policy at the Australian National University.

1. Landscape scale planning and management
2. Project management
3. Extension and practice change
4. Communication and knowledge management
5. Research program management
6. Policy development and evaluation
7. Team management

  • Co-managed CSIROs investigations into the social and economic impacts of the Murray-Darling BAsin Plan.
    This project sought to identify and communicate the benefits of Basin Plan water reforms through an indepth investigation of the market and non-markets benefits of returning water to the environment. See: Assessment_Ecological_Economic_Benefits.pdf
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