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Environmental Engineers International Pty Ltd

Environmental Engineers International (EEI) is an engineering company providing a range of innovative
services in water and wastewater treatment, nutrient removal, and sustainability fields.
Established in 2001 in Perth Western Australia, we provide concept to commissioning and on-going
operation and maintenance solutions for water and wastewater treatment and waste management for
industrial, small community and municipal sectors.
EEI has delivered engineering and consulting services to clients ranging from Local Governments to the
United Nations and various market sectors such as mining, oil and gas, meat processing, food and
beverages, wineries, housing and tourism development.
Our mission is to provide clients the most appropriate, cost effective engineering solutions that are based
on sustainability principles.
EI has developed several innovative wastewater treatment solutions including Anammox process,
Advanced Rootzone Technology (ART), Advanced Nutrient Removal using Ponds (ANRUP), Carbon and
Energy Efficient Nitrogen Removal (CEENR), High Rate Anaerobic Technology (HART), and
phosphorous removal products such as Phosfix using mineral processing residues.
EEI has established research collaborations with University of Western Australia, Murdoch University,
Australia and University of Missouri –Columbia, USA to undertake joint research projects, consulting,
research supervision and technology development.
EEI has carried out the design and construction of over 20 wastewater treatment projects across the
world. Our engineers have been involved as design consultants for a number of prestigious and high
profile projects including, Woodside Petroleum Pluto LNG project ($13 billion), Coal seam gas produced
water management for QGC.
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* Design of water and wastewater treatment systems
* Troubleshooting of water and wastewater treatment systems
* On-going operation and maintenance support
* Contract research
* Project Management
* Construction and commissioning
* Decommission of redundant systems
* Environmental compliance support
*Specialist and innovative solutions

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