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Even Flow Consultant Services

I manage a sole trader consultancy business registered in Australia. I am a water and sanitation consultant specialising in the design of sustainable water and sanitation services. I have experience in preparing policy advice, managing program delivery, supporting research projects, conducting evaluations, drafting guidelines and supporting coordination forums. I have worked for government, NGOs and research institutions across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Program delivery: management of staff, budgets, procurements, monitoring and reporting.
Research: on the ground experience supporting research programs, experience preparing conference
Monitoring and evaluation: conduct of reviews and evaluations of systems and services.
Capacity building: coaching of local staff, developing tools and guidelines, running workshops etc.

  • Report on Water Insecurity in West Timor, Indonesia Action Agai
    Investigated water insecurity issues facing communities in West Timor, Indonesia, in the context of a drought linked to the 2015/16 El Nino event. Included review of current water governance arrangements and recommendations on how to address water insecurity and linkages to food insecurity. Presented findings at 2016 International River Symposium in New Delhi, India.
  • Country Research Consultant, Urban Sanitation and Pro-Poor Advocacy The Urban Institute Kenya
    Provided advisory support for a sanitation advocacy research project in Nakuru County, Kenya. Tasks included stakeholder mapping, an assessment of the public sanitation service delivery framework and the drafting and implementation of an advocacy plan. This contract was part of a multi-country study led by The Urban Institute that aimed to identify advocacy approaches that will increase public finance for sanitation services in low-income communities.
  • Evaluation Study Leader, Rural Water Supply Norwegian Red Cross Society Rwanda
    Led a two-part study into sustainable water supply services in rural Rwanda. Part one required an evaluation of two rural water supply systems funded by the Norwegian Red Cross Society in Rwanda. Part two involved the preparation of good practice guidelines on rural water supply services for the IFRC in Rwanda. Findings presented at 2015 WEDC conference in Loughborough, UK.
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