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eWater Solutions

eWater Solutions is the software and hydrological division of eWater Group. 

We deliver creative, science-based, and trusted water management expertise and software development, training services and a community of practice to support the application of best practice water modelling tools including eWater Source™, eWater MUSIC™ and Toolkit in Australia and around the world. 

We work to support, facilitate, and encourage high-quality, reliable, and evidence-based decision-making over water resources in response to contemporary and emerging demands and challenges. 

We do this by developing, managing, and deploying tools and services that enhance the sound and responsible management of water, while providing transparency, accessibility, sound governance and access to the best available data and practical advice. Our duty is to deliver these responsibilities in the interests of owner governments, water agencies, research institutions, and the private sector – and on behalf of the Australian people who have invested in the capabilities we are entrusted to deliver.

We offer:  

  • eWater Source™, the national platform used to support water planning, operations, and forecasting. 
  • eWater MUSIC™, Australia’s leading tool for water sensitive urban design.  
  • eWater Source Urban Developer, offers in-depth analysis of urban water demand to improve water efficiency and alternative water supplies.
  • eWater Quality Analyser, which monitors in-stream water quality, estimate pollutant loads or set water quality targets. 
  • Training for eWater Source™ and eWater MUSIC™. 
  • eWater Toolkit, a free community platform to share knowledge, expertise and capabilities, as well as offer training and support.
  • Ayeyarwady Basin Baseline Surface Water Assessment

    Develop a preliminary baseline Source water system model for the basin (north of the delta). From this, a baseline assessment of the surface water resources of the Ayeyarwady Basin was completed.

  • Developing river basin models and water sharing policy in the upper Godavari Basin, India.

    eWater has been working with Government of Maharashtra Water Resources Dept. to build capacity in the use of tools to improve water management in the Upper Godavari.

  • Mekong River Council Study
    Tools and support for the visualisation and analysis of trade-off of different water management scenarios.
  • Rapid Initial Assessment of the State of Water Resources in Lao PDR
    The rapid assessment seeks to draw credible, strategic conclusions about the issues, challenges, opportunities and trade-offs for water resource availability and use in Lao PDR. The assessment will inform the National Water Strategy being developed by the Lao PDR Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
  • United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) Drought Mechanism – Cambodian Pilot
    eWater, in partnership with ESCAP, GeoSciences Australia and the Australian Bureau of Meterology are testing the use of space-based data to help water users in drought prone countries better understand and manage droughts.

    eWater is working with the Egyptian Department of Water Resources and Irrigation to build capacity in water management modelling and scenario analysis. The first component of the project involves on-line training packages on the generic aspects of Source. Followed by the development of a local pilot, using information collected locally. The third phase involves face-to-face training, wrapping up with a further period of post-training support (distance based).

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