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Feehan Consulting

Feehan Consulting comprises a small group of experienced consultants based in northern Victoria and Canberra. Our clients include state and Commonwealth government agencies; local government; rural and urban water authorities. We provide specialist land, water and natural resource management advice to industry clients.

Our products and services are targeted towards water resource management at the Basin, Regional and farm scale.

Our services include-

• Water Planning – surface and groundwater

• Groundwater monitoring and water resource assessment

• Conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water

• Strategic advice on irrigation systems and efficiencies

• Drainage planning (surface and subsurface) at a regional and farm scale

• Catchment scale water quality planning and risk assessment

• Water governance/Institutional arrangements including at an inter-jurisdictional context

We are a small specialty niche consulting company comprising three regular consultants (Pat Feehan,
Terry Hunter and Greg Holland, but also having strong linkages to other sole operators and other
consulting firms who we regularly work alongside across a range of projects.
We have operated in this niche area for 17 years successfully dealing with a broad scope of issues and
clients. We have maintained strong external relationships with a core (and sometimes diverse) group of
clients and have proved ourselves to be a reliable deliverer of services, able to meet the diverse needs of
our clients and be financially self supporting.
We often operate in grey areas where solutions are not obvious, simple or straightforward and are adept
at responding to issues in these types of environments.

  • Technical and policy support to the MDBA.
    Consultants currently with Feehan Consulting have provided support in salinity and groundwater management at Basin scale/transboundary water management for some 15 years
  • Groundwater Resource assessment and planning
    Consultants currently with Feehan Consulting led the development and implementation of the first suite of Groundwater Management Plans northern Victoria including establishing extraction limits
  • On-farm irrigation efficiency improvements
    Consultants currently with Feehan Consulting have worked extensively on the assessment of on-farm irrigation efficiency projects recommending refinements and improvements
  • Natural Resource Management Leadership
    Pat Feehan was Executive Manager of Environment and Natural Resources with Victoria’s Goulburn Murray Water with responsibility for ISO14001 environment management systems and providing natural resource management advice for surfacewater and groundwater systems across northern Victoria.
  • Development of Land and Water strategies

    Pat Feehan has contributed to development of a wide range of land and water strategies including the Goulburn Broken Water Quality Strategy, the Shepparton Irrigation Region Land and Water Management Plan and associated Drainage Plans along with development of ecological risk assessment and adaptive management approaches to natural resources management including surface and subsurface water.

    Pat Feehan led the development and implementation of the Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project Kerang Lakes bypass project which delivered water savings to the environment.

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