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Filet Consulting

This nomination to the AWP of Filet Consulting as a water sector engagement and partnership facilitation specialist is presented in collaboration with my two partners at The Water Agency – Gregor van Essen and Frodo van Oostveen. As three sole traders we have combined all our capability to provide an integrated engagement service for the water sector.

Our capability is based on offering a multiple platform engagement service with a focus on:
• professional peer to peer engagement;
• young professionals and student challenges and engagement;
• business collective positioning engagement.

Each platform can be purpose designed to operate with a specific participant group. More effectively though, all 3 platforms can be offered jointly so that the overlap and linkages between the three platforms offers a synergistic engagement opportunity in a location/region.

The themes of water management that have and can be a focus for the engagement platforms are diverse – ranging from flood risk management, resilience in urban design and catchment management, and port development. The focus can be at a visionary/strategic level, practioner focused in terms of tools and skills needed to solve issues or on helping lead agencies better build awareness and community understanding on complex water issues.

We engage across all parts of the water sector to harness the collective skills and foresight of motivated participants and design roadmaps that connect people and organisations around specific opportunities and challenges.

Our experience in the Asia-Pacific includes team members based in Yangon, Myanmar and in Semarang, Indonesia along with additional past projects in China and Singapore.

  • WaterFutures Book
    I provided project management support to design the 5 day workshop, facilitate the event and then support the post event book development and funding investment. An industry partner – Suncorp – launched the Book and wide spread interest has seen the Vision well accepted across many stakeholders in the region. This Vision is now a platform for the Flood Community of Practice as I design and run events that looks at the application of the Vision.
  • Water Challenge Portfolio
    An ongoing program of Water Challenges since 2010 have been undertaken in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia by Gregor van Essen – programs Young Professionals to engage with other local and international water professionals in developing portion solutions to current sector industry issues. In close collaboration with National Universities each program has developed a specific water problem focus
  • Flood Community of Practice
    This engagement platform has evolved over 4 years from a simple network sharing arrangement to a more sophisticated engagement and event development group. The ideas and outputs from the collective eg WaterFutures has now become a basis to further developer deeper thinking on resilience in urban, regional and rural design through water management. Active social media sharing, website and newsletter aims to constantly keep in contact with members.
  • Myanmar Water Portal
    This purpose built website aims to provide a digital platform to any stakeholder to share their news, details on events and report information to a wide audience of water sector colleagues in Myanmar and internationally. The aim of the site is to enable local water stories to be readily told and to enable topic specific on-line communities to be developed to share expertise and experience. Content is predominantly in English though Burmese’s material will also be provided.
  • Dredging and Land Reclamation Course
    In collaboration with Dutch specialists Boskalis and Van Oord, The Water Agency team hosted, recruited participants and provided the operational support for the presenters over a 5 day workshop. Throughout the event additional media was collected to able participants to fully appreciate what had occurred. A post evaluation saw all participants seek further networking opportunities and now this group continue as a Rivers and Coast Shapers community of practice.
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