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Fish Matters IP Pty Ltd

Fish Matters IP provides consultancy services in areas of project design, management and implementation, principally in the Indo-Pacific region. Director Dr Chris Barlow has more than 40 years professional experience in fisheries and aquaculture research and development, both in Australia and the nearby region. He was the Fisheries Program Manager with the Mekong River Commission in 2001-09, and the Research Program Manager with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research in 2009-2017. Fish Matters IP can bring expertise to any area of fisheries-related endeavour, either directly or through associated colleagues.

  • Fisheries project management, especially in international research Research and development project design Peer review of project proposals Assessment of international R&D projects ? review of projects during or after implementation Assistance with international negotiation and collaboration

  • Manager of the Fisheries Programme within the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) (August 2009-2017),Member (2012-2016) of the Program Oversight Panel (POP) for the CRP on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS),Management of a Fi
    Administer Australian $6-10 million per year, through 25-35 projects across Pacific nations, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Tasks include country liaison, project identification, establishing partnerships, and project design, monitoring and general oversight to ensure effective implementation.,This was a large multi-CG Center program led by WorldFish, implemented in countries in the Pacific region, south-east Asia, south Asia and Africa. Duties were those involved in a advisory “board of management”.,Employer was the Mekong River Commission, an inter-governmental agency of the four countries listed. Primary responsibility for strategic direction, conceptualisation of work programme, fund raising, administration, and supervision of program implementation, reporting, and communications. Direct supervision of 10-12 staff; approximately 100 national staff working for FP. Budget US$2.2-4.5 million per year.,Duties covered all aspects of aquaculture research and development (predominantly freshwater) … extensive and intensive systems, crustaceans and fish, research (biological influences on production, systems design, nutrition), extension, programme development and management, supervision of pond and facility construction, Australia and overseas. Considerable experience in freshwater resource assessment, with respect to both conservation and recreational fisheries.
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