Australian Partners

Flow Matters Pty Ltd

Flow Matters provides specialists IT services to the water sector in Australia and internationally, with a focus on simulation modelling, data management and visualisation. We have been involved in the development and use of several key modelling platforms, including eWater Source, where we have contributed plugins as well as core performance improvements, and the AWRA Modelling System, where we provided the technical leadership throughout the development phase. We regular conduct data management and visualisation projects for water and environmental data, including numerous visualisation and decision support systems related to eWater Source and several national scale visualisation tools, such as the Landscape Water Balance ( and the Australia’s Environment Explorer (

* Simulation Modelling
* Web based visualisation
* Development of decision support systems
* Use and customisation of eWater Source
* Use and customisation of AWRA Community Modelling System
* Use and customisation of Delft FEWS
* Training in Data Science techniques for hydrologists

  • AWRA Modelling System,Landscape Water Balance web application,River Murray DSS
    Flow Matters were engaged for technical leadership in the development of an operational, 24×7, continental scale modelling system for the Bureau of Meteorology. We were involved throughout the development of the system, which went into production in 2015, providing daily updated water balance estimates across Australia. The system has been subsequently released as a community modelling platform at,Following the development of the AWRA modelling system, Flow Matters delivered an operational web application to present the model results to the general pubic in near-realtime. This system is live at,Flow Matters were engaged by CSIRO and the Goyer Institute to develop a decision support system for the River Murray based on eWater Source. The web based solution talks directly to eWater Source, complementing the main user interface of the model. The solution is made possible by Veneer, an open-source technology developed and supported by Flow Matters.
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