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Goulburn Murray Water

GMW manages 70% of the water catchment, storage and distribution for Victoria. As the largest Irrigation and Drainage Authority in Australia, GMW is a major contributor to and implementer of the Water for Victoria Policy and many related policies on water quality, environmental sustainability and equitable use.

– Managing the supply, delivery and drainage of water for our irrigation and water districts
– Providing flood protection, salinity mitigation and maintenance of infrastructure for our irrigation water districts
– Delivering the Connections $2B modernisation project for the benefit of 26,000 customers and the
– Facilitation hydroelectricity generation
– Operating salinity mitigation works
– Harvesting, storing and managing water in our reservoirs and dams
– Managing catchment areas and water quality, including Blue Green Algae controls

  • Connections Project
    GMW Connections project will modernise the irrigation network in Northern Victoria. It’s our plan for the future. The GMW Connections Project is a $2B once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For irrigators, it provides infrastructure upgrades and improvements to help maximise their on farm efficiency and sustainability. For environmental and urban water users it brings opportunities and benefits. For Norther Victoria, Connections means jobs and growth, and it will drive innovation in our communities. The Project is a joint venture funded by the Commonwealth Government, Victorian Government and Melbourne water.
  • Tullaroop dam safety upgrade
    Tullaroop Reservoir’s main embankment has been upgraded to bring it in line with current Australian dam design and construction standards. The upgrade strengthened the reservoir’s main embankment; ensuring the long term reliable and safe supply of water to farmers and local communities. Works were completed ahead of schedule and under budget. A number on innovative practices were used, including excavators equipped with GPS technology programmed with project designs, and hybrid excavators that consume a third less fuel than normal diesel powered excavator.
  • Hattah Lakes
    The Hattah Lakes Environmental Infrastructure Project is designed to restore the health of the Hattah Lakes system, one of Australia’s most environmentally and culturally significant sites. The 10 year project included construction of a permanent pump station capable of delivering 1,000MK per day, four regulators and three levees to deliver environmental water to the lakes. The project also had broader economic benefits for the region, with local suppliers and contractors sourced Cohuna through to Mildura. To deliver the project GMW worked with the MDBA, Mallee Catchment Management Authority GHD consultants, Parks Victoria, the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning and Comdain Infrastructure.
  • Linear Programme
    GMAW’s Linear Programme includes channel remodeling, rock armoring and access and fencing works across six gravity irrigation areas as part of GMW’s 2016 Water Plan (WP4) 2017/18 Capital Works Programme. The proposed works are for channels that are in poor asset condition and whose failure would result i unacceptable risk to the organisation. The propose programme of works is confined to channels not affected by the Connections project. Channel bank remodeling works involve physical remodeling of channel banks to ensure it can provide customers consistent supply levels without flooding onto adjacent property. The rock amouring work involves placement of rock beaching on the upper part of the inside bank. This rock covers the part of the bank that is affected by frequent changes to water levels and typically extends from the top of the bank to bottom of the inside toe.
  • Upgrade and renewals on Dams infrastructure
    A major infrastructure upgrade to the Lake Buffalo dam has seen all three of its steel gates removed, refurbished and replaced. GMW, in partnership with contractors Global Factory Maintenance, completed the project over two years with no impact on the dam’s normal operations. In 2016 GMW carried out works on the first gate and in 2017 replaced the last two. To combat erosion and wear on the gates, they were sand-blasted and sprayed with an epoxy coating. A new walkway and lifting hoists were customer-made to comply with today’s occupational health and safety standards while high-tech infrastructure, like touch scree operation and modern back-up systems were installed. Managing the $3M project had its challenges, not the lease of which was removing structures that normally hold back 24,000ML of water.
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