Australian Partners

Hamstead Consulting Pty Ltd

Hamstead Consulting offers the services of Mark Hamstead. Mark is a water resource policy and management expert with 31 years experience, including at a senior level in government developing and implementing policies, plans and regulatory frameworks; and as a national and international consultant. He has extensive in-depth knowledge of water management policies, legislation and institutional frameworks in Australia and internationally, and is joint author of an internationally published textbook on integrated water resource planning. He has a reputation for quality assessment and analysis, and for writing and presenting in a manner that is clear, coherent and concise. He is experienced at working with agency staff to develop improved practice and build capacity. Mark is a current provider of advice and analysis at state and national levels in Australia as well as internationally.

Water resource policy and legislation. Integrated water resource planning and management. Analysis, evaluation, audit and review and of plans, programs and policies. Stakeholder and inter-agency consultation, communication and negotiations. Water access entitlements, trading and registers. Water accounting, water resource assessment. Water usage metering and monitoring

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