Australian Partners

Hydro Consulting Services

  • Wafi-Golpu JV (PNG)
    Designed and budgeted hydrogeological drilling program with AUD $6 million budget
  • Phu Bia Mining (Laos)
    Designed groundwater exploration program to provide potable water supply for the Phu Bia mining operation, workshops and accommodation village. Supervised drilling and installation of numerous production bores. Designed and supervised test pumping of bores yielding over 20 L/s.
  • Ok Tedi (PNG)
    Developed a whole-of-site surface water and drainage study including stormwater diversion designs and recommendations
  • NorthLink WA Stage 3
    Hydraulic assessment using the KBR Culvert Toolkit was undertaken to verify the required size and number of the individual culvert barrels for the NorthLink WA Stage 3 project.
  • Bowen Gas
    Developed GoldSim models to assist the Surat Gas Project concept select; GoldSim model covers three stages of CSG water management: wellhead to raw water dam, raw water dam to water treatment facility and waste stream from water treatment facility to brine dams and utility dam.
  • Hydrogeological and hydraulic analysis for the sizing of cross drainage structures, which consist of bridges and culverts in the NGBR Feed Project. Developed XP-RAFTS models for moderate and major waterways to determine the design Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) flood events and assess impacts for 20-year, 50 year and 100 year ARIs using the HecRAS models
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