Australian Partners

Hydro-dis Water Treatment Systems Pty Ltd

Hydro-dis Water Treatment Systems has developed and brought to market one of the most innovative
changes in water disinfection technology in recent years. Since its initial involvement in 2006 and
subsequent purchase of the Hydro-dis® technology in 2009 HWTS has continued to develop and improve
the product. Creating what is now considered one of the most cost effective, environmentally safe and
WHS compliant water disinfection systems available.

The company’s desire to find “a better way” has led to this unique technology which has revolutionised
water disinfection applications in all water treatment areas, it has particular applicability to applications like
the following:
• Potable Water Applications
• Wastewater Applications
• Iron & Manganese Removal
• Remote Site water disinfection
• System Design
• System Manufacture
• Installation and Servicing

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