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Hydro Engineering & Consulting Pty Ltd

Hydro Engineering & Consulting Pty Ltd (HEC) is a specialist engineering company providing services in hydrology, water supply and water management. The company operates from Brisbane and offers services in the investigation, assessment, design and management of water resources to the public and private sectors, with particular and extensive experience in the resource development industry.

The expertise we provide is backed by extensive experience in the design of water supply and the evaluation of water management systems, hydrological modelling, preparation of project environmental approvals documentation, on site water management advice, site auditing, development of procedures for project compliance and provision of expert testimony for court and regulatory hearings.

Predictive Water Balance Modelling
Corporate or Regulatory Water Reporting
Water Management Plans
Design of Water Management Structures
Water Supply
Flood Modelling
Mine Site Rehabilitation & Closure
Expert Legal Advice and Peer Review

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