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Hydro Focus Pty Ltd

Hydro Focus has one employee – Principal Consultant Roger Gill with Bachelor of Engineering (Civil 1977). Roger has 40 years of management, operating, construction and project conception experience in the energy and water sectors, with a particular focus on hydropower and wind power. Roger is available to provide strategic advice to clients worldwide. He has a passion for renewable energy and water management issues. He specialises in providing advice on the sustainable development of renewable energy projects, as well as assisting operators to improve the performance of their renewable energy businesses. In this context, sustainability integrates commercial, technical, environmental and social issues to optimise business or project performance. His extensive hydropower, wind power and energy industry knowledge provides a risk assessment sounding board to help clients achieve their goals more effectively.

Roger has a particular interest in promoting sustainable renewable energy growth in emerging economies and has been active in Africa, Central Asia, South America and the Lower Mekong regions. On assignment to the World Bank he chaired the International Panel of Experts reviewing the engineering, dam safety and economic assessment of the proposed 3,200MW Rogun hydropower project in Tajikistan. For K-Water he has chaired an international Panel of Experts assessing the 280MW Nenskra HPP. Both projects are likely to have the highest dams of their type in the world.

Roger also has a strong interest in irrigation development in Tasmania.

Prior to embarking on his independent consulting practice in 2007, Roger was Executive General Manager at Hydro Tasmania directly responsible for the trading and operation of 2,300MW of hydropower in the Australian National Electricity Market. Roger’s Executive experience includes General Management responsibility for a 400 person consulting engineering and scientific services business. His capabilities have been enhanced through attendance at Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Roger also has 9 years of experience as a non-executive company director with companies involved in renewable energy development and operation (including a hydropower portfolio), irrigation development in Tasmania and water supply and sewage services in Tasmania.

Response: Up to 10 dot points of 10 words each max.
1. International Hydropower Engineering Expert – project development and operation
2. Project Investment Assessment – specialising in renewable energy projects
3. Irrigation development and operation expertise
4. Sustainability policy expert related in particular to hydropower projects – Roger is a member of the International Governing Council of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.
5. Company corporate governance experience.

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