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Hydrobiology Qld Pty

Hydrobiology is an environmental consulting company offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes of environmental systems with a particular emphasis on the aquatic (marine and freshwater) environment.
We currently have a headquarters in Brisbane, an office in Perth – spanning Australia – and a new office in Singapore. We also have a subsidiary in Papua New Guinea.
We have actively participated in Queensland’s Export Awards program, being awarded as finalists on several occasions.

  • ANZECC water quality guidelines revision
    Revision of several chapters of the ANZECC/ARMCANZ 2000 water quality guidelines, provision of review of draft methodologies for development of water quality guideline values (formerly trigger values) and assistance with revision of the water quality management framework incorporated into the guidelines
  • Deriving site-specific guideline values for physico-chemical parameters and toxicants.
    The EN provides guidance tailored specifically to the CSG and LCM industry. CSG and LCM operations are often located in arid, semi-arid or wet–dry tropical regions with temporary water bodies such as ephemeral streams and salt lakes. The explanatory note introduces the use of a water and sediment quality management framework (WQMF) to assist with the design of spatially and temporally appropriate monitoring programs for measuring physico-chemical parameters and toxicants from which site-specific GVs for water and sediment quality can be developed. How to design a monitoring program and then derive site-specific GVs for water and sediment is explained within the context of the CSG and LCM industry.
  • Practical Environmental Monitoring Workshop Brisbane, Perth, Australia and Madang, PNG
    Presentation of short courses on practical monitoring for improved environmental performance for the resources sector including biological monitoring, water quality monitoring and temporary waters assessment
  • Water Quality Guidelines Working Group
    Biological Assessment Working Group for the ANZECC/ARMCANZ water quality guidelines revision
  • Australian Government Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry
    Contributor and author for a series of Best Practice Guidelines for Biodiversity management, Water Management and Monitoring and Assessing Performance
  • Review of information regarding temporary waters and recommendations for monitoring approaches based on chemical and biological monitoring and ecological risk assessment.
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