Australian Partners

Institute for the Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting Pty. Ltd.

IDEEA GROUP are a private organisation that specialise in the practical application of the System of Environmental Economic Accounts – an International standard for the recording of a comprehensive and integrated set of environmental data. The SEEA is directly applicable to water, with it being described in the SEEA Central Framework and the companion document, SEEA Water.

  • Linking AWS and the SEEA
    Explored how to link SEEA and the AWS Standard.
  • Government of Bangladesh
    Running cross-divisional workshops to educate and plan for inter-departmental collaboration to create a common set of EEA reporting measures and frameworks with a focus on water use and management for those in poverty
  • United Nations Development Programme
    Adapting SEEA frameworks to reflect the nexus between poverty mitigation and environmental protection and enhancement in developing countries
  • United Nations World Tourism Organisation
    Adapting SEEA standards to best practice reporting and measurement standards for Tourism operators
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