Australian Partners

John Kingsley Ruprecht

Western Land & Water Consulting (John Ruprecht) provides consultancy services on water policy and management in the areas of water resource assessment, irrigated agriculture, urban water, hydrology, and sustainable agriculture. I have held senior executive positions in State Government departments including Water, Agriculture and Food, and Primary Industries and Regional Development. I have been directly involved in international studies into water management or development in Oman, China and Vietnam.

  • Water and Carbon in Forested Watersheds Study – Vietnam
    Developing a project plan for water and carbon in forested watersheds across Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. International workshop planned for December 2018.
  • Sustainable Irrigation Development
    Progressed sustainable irrigated agriculture developments in Western Australia (Ord, West Kimberley, Gascoyne, Myalup, Myalup-Wellington, and Southern Forests)
  • Study into Storage Dams in Oman
    I provided client liaison, project management and technical supervision for project in the Sultanate of Oman. I also developed approaches and supervised hydrologic and water resource analysis for storage dams, and authored tender documents, inception report and final reports.
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    Initiated and guided development of reports card into sustainable of agricultural and pastoral lands in Western Australia
  • Perth Foodbowl Study
    Led a study into protecting and enhancing food production precincts for Perth, Western Australia.
  • Led a program to investigate and develop solutions into major land use issues such as dryland salinity.
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