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Lindsey Erin Brown

Lindsey Erin Brown

Foundry is a strategic insight and engagement consultancy that brings water ideas to life.

Our vision is to fundamentally improve the way we live by bridging the gap between technical solutions and society.

We design and deliver opportunities for interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration that generate real impact and facilitate practice change. We do this by helping technical professionals communicate effectively with diverse audiences, facilitating collaboration through strategic engagement and fostering adoption of best practice approaches to water management through knowledge mobilisation.

At Foundry, we believe an open and collaborative approach is essential to find solutions to the complex issues facing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Our core services strongly align with the mission and goals of AWP:

• Strategic, long-term engagement within the Australian water sector. Our key strength is our people. From industry leaders to creative designers to engagement and facilitation experts, the Foundry team has more than 80 years’ combined experience in the water sector. Our team offers a diverse range of expertise and extensive industry experience, knowledge and presence, which is enhanced by Managing Director Lindsey Brown as the current president of the Australian Water Association Victorian branch.
• Sharing experiences, expertise and technology between Australian and international partners. We offer Knowledge Mobilisation to change industry practice.
• Enhancing capability and capacity to deliver water security, development and trade outcomes. Our career and skill development programs help technical professionals become effective in today’s complex operating environment.

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  • Burkina Faso Well Drilling Program (Stakeholder Engagement)
    Lindsey Brown managed the design and construction of water wells in Burkina Faso for rural, water scarce communities as a corporate social responsibility initiative for a Canadian mining exploration company. The projects were successfully implemented at roughly a third of their projected cost due to Lindsey’s ability to bring in existing suppliers and source pro bono services. The program involved establishing community committees of management to cost recover and maintain the wells, women’s empowerment through making sure women were represented on the committees, WASH training for communities and clean water availability for hundreds of Burkinabe people. Orezone Resources, 2007
  • Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC) – Integrated Planning (Stakeholder Engagement)
    Foundry worked with South East Water and Water Technology to develop a spatial tool to identify synergies and prioritise projects for improved water cycle planning and management in the Monash NEIC in Melbourne’s south east. Foundry designed and delivered a series of strategic engagement activities between all the relevant parties including multiple councils, Monash University, industry and state government to create an accessible web platform to promote sound integrated water planning. The project helped to develop connections and spark conversation that resulted in agreements for future cross-industry collaboration and project merging for a more integrated approach to water management.
  • Clearwater Strategic Engagement Materials (Strategic Communication)
    Clearwater engaged Foundry to develop a suite of strategic engagement materials to support the delivery of Integrated Water Management (IWM) Forums in regional Victoria. The forums were borne out of the Water for Victoria plan and involved participation from a diverse cross-industry audience. The key project outcome was to connect IWM to a non-water audience and increase meaningful participation in the forums. This was achieved through the preparation of a series of visually orientated fact sheets that explained water’s vital role in contributing to healthy environments, climate resilience, economic opportunities, healthy communities and vibrant centres.
  • Water for a Future Thriving Melbourne (Strategic Communication)
    City West Water engaged Foundry to assist with coordinating a summary report to address water management for a future-thriving Melbourne. The project involved bringing together Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and City West Water to agree on the content of a document for a general audience. Foundry was a key contributor the development of Water for a Future Thriving Melbourne. We worked with the Project Director to develop the strategy, content and graphics. This included defining the objective, audience and key messages and making complex technical information accessible through engaging infographics and simplified messaging.
  • Councillor Training on Integrated Water Management (Knowledge Mobilisation)
    Foundry developed a training module for the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for local government councillors to familiarise them with the concepts of integrated water management. The training was delivered during the councillors annual Councillor Training Weekend with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV). The training involved presenting IWM concepts, linking them to council outcomes and deliverables, and working through scenarios and examples of how their decisions as councillors would benefit from that knowledge. The workshops were delivered to great acclaim and have since been developed in to more comprehensive training program through MAV.
  • The Water Sensitive Cities Index is a relevant and applicable industry tool developed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) to benchmark cities against a range of indicators that measure performance and help to identify where water sensitive practices may be improved for enhanced liveability, resilience, sustainability and productivity. The Index Benchmarking workshop is a one-day event involving facilitated discussion and ranking of performance against 35 indicators across local government, water authorities, and state government. Foundry helped to develop the Index, and as an accredited workshop facilitator Lindsey Brown has benchmarked over 17 cities.
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