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Lynette Smith

Adaptation and resilience are not just about putting in place the right technology and systems. It’s social change, which means that it’s about people changing they think and do.

gramma consulting is about how we can use words to do that–by sharing what we know, building trust and organising collective action towards a common goal. None of those are possible without effective communication, which is more than just promotions or awareness raising.

An experienced writer, Lynette Smith, the director of gramma consulting, has worked with subject matter experts in climate and environmental science, economics, risk and government policy. She’s worked on the Bureau of Meteorology’s water information program and, more recently, given advice to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on their Water Cycle System Adaptation Action Plan.

  • Advice on delivering outcomes of the Water Cycle System Adaptation Action Plan
    I carried out workshops with stakeholders, assessed risks, reviewed the literature and gave advice on communicating for behaviour change and social impact.
  • Rainfall extremes: a review of the literature
    I was joint author with scientists from the Bureau of Meteorology, reviewing the current literature on the likely changes to rainfall patterns in Victoria, as the climate changes. It was part of the Victorian Water Climate Initiative. The other authors were Doerte Jakob, Pandora Hope and Luke Osborn.
  • Writing and communications strategy
    The Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Information program: I worked with climate scientists, hydrologists and specialists in the Commonwealth Water Act to develop information sheets and regular communications.
  • State Environment Protection Policy (Waters)
    A synthesis of the current research relating to Victoria’s waters: river systems, lakes and marshes, as well as coastal waters. The synthesis was written to facilitate the development of new policy.
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