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Macquarie Franklin

Macquarie Franklin is a leading consultancy for business, agriculture and the environment. We offer independent advice and support to government, industry and agribusiness. The company is privately owned and employs 20 professional staff, over half of which specialise in different aspects of water resource management.

Macquarie Franklin works with water resource stakeholders across Australia. Our clients include government entities, water authorities, consulting companies, corporate agriculture and farm businesses. We work closely with our clients to understand the outcomes they are after and develop approaches that are practical and outcome focused.

As a company, we are passionate about the sustainable management and development of Australia’s water resources. Our team has extensive experience in the water sector, including involvement in local, national and international water industry associations. We provide a broad range of services, from irrigation scheme concept design, through to operational management and administration of irrigation schemes, on-farm irrigation systems and assisting clients to meet regulatory requirements.

• Agricultural irrigation development and scheme design
• Water resource assessment and evaluation
• Irrigation scheme management and performance optimisation
• Irrigation energy efficiency
• Water monitoring (quantity and quality)
• Environmental assessment, management and regulatory requirements
• Water demand management
• Waste resource management (waste water, recycled water and biosolids)
• Project management
• On-farm irrigation system design

  • Midlands Water Scheme, Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd,Embedded consultants, Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd,Introduction of centre pivot irrigation to Tasmania,TasWater recycled water operations and management,Rushy Lagoon Resources Dairy Development
    This project totaled around $90m, and was completed on time and within budget. � Work on this project encompassed: – Development of the original concept into a practical way forward – Development of a construction methodology and the associated budget – Provision of farmer engagement processes in the concept phase to ensure practical outcomes. – During the construction phase � Superintendents Representative / Construction Supervisor for key elements of the scheme, including the cut into the existing Arthurs Lake subsidiary dam.,Over the years, Macquarie Franklin consultants have provided embedded consultancy services to Tasmanian Irrigation. This has been in varying roles (project manager, contract manager, site superintendent, scheme design / technical review, scheme operational management, troubleshooter etc.) and across many of the irrigation schemes that have recently been developed or expanded in Tasmania.,Chris Thompson played an instrumental role in the introduction of centre pivot irrigators into Tasmania. Through his role at the time as an irrigation designer, Chris worked with progressive Tasmanian farmers to successfully introduce the technology into their farming systems and make it work. At the time, many industry advisers were steering their clients away from the technology, however centre pivots have transformed irrigated agriculture in Tasmania and now dominate agricultural landscapes.,Macquarie Franklin is contracted by TasWater to manage the Tasmania�s largest recycled water project, the Clarence Recycled Water Scheme. Under this contract Macquarie Franklin is also responsible for compliance auditing and environmental monitoring on all TasWater recycled water schemes, along with provision of technical advice to both TasWater and customers on the management of recycled water and biosolids.,A large-scale dairy farm development in northeast Tasmania – converting marginal, dryland country to an intensive, irrigated dairy operation. The scope included farm layout design (dairy, laneways, paddocks etc.), irrigation system design, water resource planning (storage locations, licenses, etc.), tender specifications, management of the tender process and supervision of construction. In the late 1990s, 16 centre pivot irrigators were installed to irrigate 800ha of pasture, and 2700ML of on-farm storage was developed. The system was designed to be energy efficient and enable low cost of production.
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