Australian Partners


Sole contractor that has previously worked with AWP on many projects and wishes to in future as well

  • COVID-19 and Water Security Risk Index
    To prioritise overseas water funding in response to COVID, I was asked by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to create a water security and COVID risk index for countries in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Asian Water Development Outlook
    The Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) is the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) flagship water security resource.
  • Asian Water Development Outlook data management and user interface
    I developed an innovative online platform and data management system and model to make AWDO 2020 more accessible and transparent. This work included an extensive communications and dissemination plan to be implemented in late 2022.
  • Decision-making processes used in Integrated Water Management
    During my PhD research I investigated the decision-making processes used in Integrated Water Management (IWM) strategic planning in the Australian Water sector. I found that genuine engagement with community and stakeholders was the main factor enabling a successful water planning process. Through this work I became lead author of a published research report which had recommendations incorporated into subsequent Victorian water policy.
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