Australian Partners


Metasphere are an ‘End to End’ Telemetry provider specialising in low (battery) powered Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) for data collection in remote areas (where mains power doesn’t exist).

Metasphere also have a web based data visualisation and management platform for viewing and acting on the data in near real time. Key clients include Sydney Water, Melbourne Water, WA Water Corporation, Fiji Water, Queensland Urban Utility and Jemena.

– Low Powered (Battery) Remote Telemetry Units: range of 3 units including IECEx Intrinsically Safe
– Mains Powered Remote Telemetry Units
– Help source ‘best of bread’ sensors to connect to RTUs and collect data
– ‘Palette’ – web based data visualisation and management platform
– Telemetry system design, development, integration and installation

  • Sewer Level Monitoring – Queensland Urban Utility
    Proactively monitoring sewer levels across Brisbane to alarm for potential blockages and uncontrolled discharges. Preventing these discharges helps stop raw sewage entering the public domain and stops utilities being fined.
  • Retarding Basin Level Monitoring – Melbourne Water
    Near real time monitoring of flood levels in retarding basins helping Melbourne Water manage their catchments and flood risk during a flood event.
  • Rail Track temperature Monitoring – Qld Rail
    Assisting QLd rail monitor the temperature of their rail track network to be able to stop trains from derailing if track temperatures exceed critical levels and start to buckle.
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