Australian Partners

Moerk Water Solutions Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

We provide sustainable and holistic water solutions to remote and arid areas of the Asia-Pacific, Australia and East Africa.

Our approach is culturally sensitive with a long-term focus. We promote social development through local ownership, job creation, education and skill-building and encourage women to participate in business. Our emphasis is on co-operating with local partners and staying committed to the community so they have a safe source of drinking water that is reliable, will function into the long-term commitment, runs on green energy and is resilient to natural disasters.

We continue to support these communities long after the installation of high quality plants is completed. They receive training, maintenance and ongoing support.

We provide access to a reliable drinking water supply for those who need it most.
Further information:

  • Cranmore Park, Moora
    Solar powered water purification for agriculture.
  • Samarae Clinic, Solomon Islands
    Drinking water for a remote health centre, solar powered, battery- and chemical free operated
  • Kismayo Hospital, Somalia
    Brackish water purification;
  • Uzi Island Zanzibar, Tanzania
    3 decentralised water solar powered reverse osmosis plants for villages on a peninsula. Training of local operators. Built a service team in the area
  • DBU, Sustainable drinking water treatment of fluoride-containing groundwater in Tanzania
    Fluoride removal with nano filtration. In cooperation with the Karlsruhe University, Germany.
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