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Murray Wayne Smith

Murray Smith operates as a sole trader (trading as Irrigation and Agribusiness Solutions) and provides specialist services encompassing irrigation, agriculture, catchments, water related policy and stakeholder engagement across the public and private sectors. He has qualifications in civil engineering and business management and is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. During Murray’s 36 year career he has gained and applied extensive knowledge and skills relating to management and development of natural resources and the agricultural activities reliant on the sustainable development of such resources. As the former CEO of CICL, Murray devised and implemented a strategic direction for the irrigation district which saw it set the world benchmark for water delivery efficiency and a range of other environmental performance outcomes.

During this period CICL also collaborated with research bodies and Government in the development of other innovative technologies and policy approaches geared to achieving long-term sustainability of the irrigation area. This collaboration was recognised by Murray’s inclusion in the team (Water for a Healthy Country Flagship Irrigation Team) awarded the CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for 2007. As CEO of the Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project, Murray led the largest irrigation modernisation project in Australia?s history. Murray was also responsible for the development of two business cases supporting funding bids of approximately $1 billion each. This project also involved addressing a range of potential environmental issues and was internationally recognised for its achievements.

• Water related policy
• Catchment management, monitoring and reporting programs
• Irrigation scheme modernization
• Natural resource development (land and water)
• Project management and delivery including risk management
• Stakeholder engagement
• Improving on-farm irrigation practices
• Irrigation design (scheme to farm scale)
• Irrigation scheduling and crop, soil and irrigation relationships

  • Urannah Dam Review
    Reviewed aspects associated with the development of Urannah Dam and potential water distribution network including major irrigation developments
  • Maryborough Sugar
    Reviewed water supply augmentation options for ongoing sugarcane expansion to supply both Maryborough and Tableland Sugar Mills
  • Upper Burnett Catchment
    Reviewed irrigation led development opportunities within the Upper Burnett catchment for NBRC
  • Upper Burdekin Irrigation Development
    Led the ag team investigating the development of up to 125,000 ha of irrigated agriculture, major dam and channel distribution network, sugar mill, ethanol facility, co-generation, rail spur, feedlot, meat processing and port facilities in North Queensland
  • Ord Development
    Led the ag team investigating the development of 12,000 ha of irrigated sugarcane in the Ord, including sugar mill and cogeneration facility
  • Flinders Irrigation Development
    Led the ag team investigating the development of 15,000 ha of irrigated cotton in the Flinders catchment (North Queensland); including water storage and distribution systems
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