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Neatport Pty Ltd

Neatport Pty Ltd, trading as Suncoast Waste Water Management manufacturing the OZZI KLEEN range of water and waste water treatment solutions for domestic, grey water, commercial and marine applications. The manufacturing facility has a total factory area of over 9,000m2 and employs over 80 staff including; engineers, electricians, programmers, metal trades workers, roto-moulders, assemblers, delivery truck drivers, treatment plant servicing personnel and administration. With more than 40 years of ongoing R&D, experience and rigorous testing, prototypes were first developed in 1980 and 10 years later a range of OZZI KLEEN products were introduced onto the market. OZZI KLEEN offers unique water and waste water treatment and recycling systems. The waste water systems are robust and packaged systems, where flow equalisation, biological oxidation, secondary sedimentation, and biological nutrient reduction occur in an aerobic process. The water treatment systems, such as our Reverse Osmosis (RO) range, are similarly packaged systems designed to treat water to Australian potable water quality standards. All OZZI KLEEN systems are designed and constructed to give many years of service, backed up by our manufacturer?s warranty to produce a quality treatment effluent which can be reused and recycled.

Design RPEQ and NPER Registered Engineering supplying process, mechanical, electrical, controls and chemical design and 2D and 3D drafting. Moulding Rotational moulding, design and building of moulds. Metal Fabrication Metal fabrication, lathe and mill machining, cutting, welding, manufacturing of ladders, platforms, walkways, handrails and skids, marine accessories and equipment, general fabrications. Manufacture & Testing Mechanical and electrical manufacture and testing. Installation Installation of sewage treatment systems and water treatment systems. Commissioning System commissioning, client training. Service & Maintenance Service and maintenance of sewage treatment systems, water treatment systems, pump stations, grease traps, vehicle wash down units and water drinking fountains.

  • Sarina STP
    QCV Pty Ltd engaged the skills of the Ozzi Kleen Group to assist with their Accommodation Village in Sarina, Queensland, Australia. The project involves a two stage development with the first stage being a peak accommodation occupancy level of 402 persons. Stage 1 involves 49 blocks of 2 x 3 bed accommodation buildings and 9 blocks of 4 x 3 bed accommodation buildings. Stage 1 development is also inclusive of an Office Block and ancillary facilities such as kitchen and dining, laundry and recreational facilities. Stage 2 of the project proposal involves expansion of the Stage 1 infrastructure to include an addition of 198 rooms consisting of a 1 block of 2 x 3 bed accommodation building and 16 blocks of 4 x 3 bed accommodation buildings. Although the infrastructure and waste water generation rate will be via two stages of development, the waste water treatment and treated water handling will be developed for the full stage loading, that is Stage 1 and Stage 2 combined. The basis of the waste water treatment system design will be accommodation for 600 persons and the waste water load generated by the Site Offices, estimated at a peak of 140 persons. During July 2013 our company installed and commissioned a containerised sewage treatment system (SC825), which caters for 165,000 litres per day. The system was custom designed for the particular project. The waste water effluent output was designed to an advanced level allowing for irrigation to the Sarina Golf Course adjoining the QCV Sarina Project.
  • Toll Mobile Camp STP
    Toll Logistics contacted Ozzi Kleen looking for a solution to their mobile camp waste water needs. The brief was to provide a sewage treatment system for up to 6,000 litres, or 30 people, per day. A requirement for the new system was that it could be mounted or demountable on a trailer. The sewage treatment system also needed to comply with mine site requirements around Australia. A further requirement was that the system could be used for emergency relief situations. The solution was simple. Ozzi Kleen designed a transportable skid mounted sewage treatment system that locks into the trailer. Lighting and platforms were also included based on Toll Logistics requirements. The waste water effluent was designed to an advanced level allowing for above ground irrigation. Toll Logistics have been able to pack the system up within an hour to relocate to new sites.
  • Santos Operation Support
    Ozzi Kleen was first contracted to Santos in 2009 to provide waste water management needs for their commercial operations throughout Queensland. Ozzi Kleen provided a cost effective sewage treatment system that would be robust, reliable and comply with Australia’s best standards. Ozzi Kleen demonstrated an ability to be flexible and to provide custom design systems to meet Santos’ unique needs. Since 2009, Ozzi Kleen has provided a range of sewage treatment systems to Santos. Systems have ranged in size from 10 person camps to 200 person camps. While Ozzi Kleen has a long history of developing sewage treatment systems, it has only been in the past six years that Ozzi Kleen has developed containerised sewage treatment systems. Ozzi Kleen’s first 100 person containerised sewage treatment system was manufactured, installed and commissioned for Santos’ Fairview site, located north of Roma in Queensland. The brief involved designing a sewage treatment system to treat up to 20,000 litres per day of waste water from bathrooms, toilets, laundry and the commercial kitchen. The system needed to be transportable and have the ability to increase treatment capacity. Disposal of the treated effluent needed to be to an advanced secondary standard, suitable for irrigation. The system was installed and commissioned during October 2011. During the first half of 2012, Ozzi Kleen received an additional brief from Santos to upgrade the sewage treatment system. The existing system required additional capacity of 10,000 litres per day, bring the total capacity to 30,000 litres per day. The increase would take the system from the ability to treat waste water for 100 people per day to 150 people per day. Adding the additional capacity was a straight forward job due to Ozzi Kleen’s plug and play containerised sewage treatment systems. The upgrade work was completed during September 2012. Ozzi Kleen customised a regular service and responsive maintenance schedule for Santos. The schedule incorporates regular maintenance services, preventative maintenance, site staff training and support materials, effluent sampling, troubleshooting assistance, as well as technical support
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