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Nigel Peter Hayball

I have 18 years of experience in the water resources management sector, having worked at all levels of government and with the private sector, academia, non-government organizations and at the local community level in Australia and South-east Asia. Over the past 8 years I have had contracts mostly with the ADB and the World Bank. Relevant experiences include:
• Co-managing the preparation of the Cambodia National Water Sector Review.
• Supporting the preparation of Viet Nam National Water Sector Review.
• Preparation of the Cambodian Water and Irrigation Public Expenditure Review.
• Assisting preparation of the Cambodia Strategic Irrigation Framework for the Irrigation
• Overseeing the preparation of the first river basin plans and the establishment of river
basin committees in Lao PDR and Cambodia, supporting the preparation the new Lao
PDR water law and water related regulations in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Viet Nam.

Currently I am a member of the World Bank team assisting the implementation of the Mekong IWRM project, working directly the water Ministries of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam. In Australia I was previously the manager of the National Water Commission Water Resources Planning Section for 5 years, and have held various senior positions in water Ministries of State Governments in Australia.

National water sector analysis: water resources, water development, water services, environment Irrigation policy and institutional support Water policy development and implementation Water law reform and regulatory frameworks Water resources planning and management Water rights and trading Water costing and charging Government, stakeholder and inter-jurisdictional consultation, negotiations and agreements. Communicating complex concepts and approaches National, regional and local programme/project development, management and evaluation

  • Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project, World Bank,Cambodian Public Expenditure Review Project, World Bank.,Cambodia Strategic Framework for the Irrigation Sector Project, World Bank.,Nam Ngum River Basin Action Plan 2016-2020, ABD funded.,Preparation of work plan to update the Cambodian National Water Resources Policy (NWRP) and prepare the NWRP Implementation and Investment Plan, ADB funded.,Cambodian National Water Sector Report, ADB funded.
    Contracted as the water resources management specialist on the World Bank Team, supporting the water Ministries of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam to implement hydro-met, water resources modelling, water resources planning and management, institutional capacity building, water law and regulation activities; and the Mekong River Commission to implement the Sesan-Srepok River Basins and Mekong Delta trans-boundary dialogue projects in collaboration with the Cambodia and Lao National Mekong Committees.,Lead author for preparing the Irrigation Public Expenditure Review Paper that includes analysis of legislative, regulatory and institutional challenges; analysis of the effectiveness of program budgeting (planning, allocation and execution) and project investments; unit cost estimates and returns on investment; and recommendations to strengthen efficiency and effectiveness of investment and expenditure to support sustainable irrigation development. Required working closely with the Ministry of Economics and Finance (MEF) and the Ministry for Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM).,Member of the World Bank Team, co-authored the Cambodian Strategic Framework for the Irrigation Sector to assist MEF and MOWRAM in identifying priority actions and investment needs to improve Cambodia’s irrigations sector. Includes guidance on the nature and location of irrigation investment and the institutional, technical and financial resources required to establish fully function irrigation scheme. Focus areas include securing water, irrigation scheme design, market opportunities, and planning and budgeting to support on-going operations.,Working with Lao PDR’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Department of Water Resources and the Nam Ngum River Basin Committee Secretariat, supported to preparation of the Action Plan and its endorsement by the Nam Ngum River Basin Coordination Committee. Required preparation of the draft report; undertaking an extensive basin-wide (6 provinces) stakeholder consultation process that includes the irrigation, hydropower and rural and urban water sectors; holding river basin committee meeting; overseeing preparation of education material; and managing a support team.,Assisted MOWRAM to undertake a stakeholder consultation process to identify long-term vision of Cambodia’s water sector, conducted a cross-sector identification of priority issues, prepared a National Water Sector Issues and Objectives Report, prepared the work plan that outlined working groups, reporting lines and key approval points, and sought agreement on the work plan from a inter-ministerial working group.,Assisted MOWRAM to undertake a national water sector review that assessed national progress against existing commitments, and identified remaining national challenges. Required overseeing the preparation of a national water resources assessment, compiling and analysing legislation, government policies, national sector status papers (10 papers, including on irrigation, agriculture, fisheries etc.), strategies and plan and other commitments that affect national water resources management; preparation and undertaking of an extensive government consultation process; leading a team of international and national technical experts (e.g. hydrologists, economists, sociologists), and reporting to a high-level inter-ministerial work group.
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