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Paul R. Wyrwoll Consulting Services

I am an environmental and resources economist at the Australian National University providing independent consulting services in various areas of water management. As an academic researcher, I am able to provide water policy analysis and undertake hydro-economic modelling to inform real-world decision-making. My five years working in the water sector in the Mekong region has demonstrated the capacity to work with national government agencies and non-government organisations in developing countries. As a former Managing Editor of a leading online water knowledge platform, I have demonstrated the capacity to synthesise academic research for broad audiences and across multiple disciplines.

(1) Analysis of water policy, with particular focus on water pricing, water markets, agricultural water management, and hydropower development
(2) Design and facilitation of participatory risk management processes, including stakeholder workshops and synthesis of scientific research
(3) Hydro-economic modelling
(4) Socio-economic analysis of the drivers and impacts of hydropower development

  • Decision-Making Under Risks: Agricultural Water Security in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam,Global Water Forum,USAID Mekong Adaptation andResilience to Climate Change,Asian Development Bank Institute Flagship Study on ASEAN, People’s Republic of China and Ind
    Participatory risk assessment of water resources in a district where national policy reforms are being piloted (,Editing accessible summaries of academic journal articles and reports on practitioner projects for a non-academic audience (,Socio-economic analysis of climate change adaptation in different locations throughout the Mekong Basin (,Preparation and presentation of working paper on environmental problems in Asia and associated policy recommendations,Preparation of synthesis paper on policies for climate change and green growth in Asia
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