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Pells Consulting

Pells Consulting was established in 2009 as a vehicle for providing expert consulting services in water engineering and geotechnical services by principal staff Dr Philip Pells and Steven Pells. Pells Consulting has capability in both water and geotechnical engineering, particularly in large civil works. We also have particular experience in dams, and in assessing / managing the competing interests of mining in securing water resources. These skills are of particular relevance for planning, design, assessment and management of water security solutions and structures. We also have strong track record of providing these services in South East Asia. As a small company, we have the ability to respond quickly to requests.

• tunnels and pipelines
• earth and rockfill dams, including hydrology, hydraulics and geotechnical design
• hydrogeology, including field investigations, resource characterisation and groundwater modelling
• Hydrology and water resources
• Reliability of water supply systems
• Specialist GIS analysis
• flood studies
• Managed aquifer recharge / aquifer storage and recovery schemes
• Assessment and design of hydraulic structures
• River engineering

  • Hunter Water, Australia, 2015
    Review of the stability, performance and hydraulics of the Balikiera tunnel.
  • Clayton Utz, MRD Expert Opinion
    Factual and expert opinion reports in respect to collapse of the Morwell River Diversion Failure in 2013
  • Thirlmere Lakes, 2014
    An independent, self-funded review of the hydrology of the Thirlmere Lakes, including investigation of possible mining impacts.
  • GDF Suez, Hazelwood, 2014
    Review of dam safety for Hazelwood Cooling Pond.
  • Erosion of unlined spillways
    UNSW Australia, 2012-2015: PhD studies for Steven Pells: Laboratory and field studies of over 30 dam spillways in Australia, South Africa and the USA to review design of dam spillways and develop improved techniques for assessment of erosion risk.
  • Asian Development Bank, North Vietnam
    Evaluation of the stability and remedial measures required for dykes of the red river.
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