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Premise Australia Pty Ltd

Premise Australia Pty Ltd is a company owned and operated by Executive Engineers and incorporated in Australia. The company trades as Premise. Premise provides practical, tailored engineering and design solutions across a number of disciplines including Civil, Structural, Water and WasteWater, Environmental, Transport, Infrastructure, Resources, Health and Education, Electrical and Project Management.
Premise 250 employees and contractors provide services from our offices in Brisbane (Head Office), Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Sunshine Coast in Queensland and Oran Park (Western Sydney), Dubbo and Orange in New South Wales as well as Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.
Our expertise and experience is demonstrated by the support from our clients across all levels of government as well as the corporate sector including Dubbo Regional and Orange Councils in New South Wales, Livingstone Shire, Mackay Regional, Whitsunday Regional, Isaac Regional, Rockhampton Regional and Townsville City Councils in Queensland as well as Port of Mackay and Port of Townsville.

The founding Premise firm was established over 40 years ago. In 2017 Premise Australia brought together teams of experts to expand on the knowledge and expertise of the founding organisation.
Premise operates under the guidance of a Board and Management Team and in accordance with the policies and processes of the company’s certified and regularly audited quality assurance system.
The Managing Director and select members of the Executive Team form the Premise Australia FARM Committee supervising and guiding the functions of Finance, Audit, Risk and Management. The Committee meets on a monthly basis.

  • Granite Belt Dam & Irrigation Project, South Queensland, Australia
    Following years of drought and the 2019 bushfires this project is being developed to secure water for the Granite Belt agricultural area and the Stanthorpe township which produces $200-$300 million of premium fruit crops annually. The project consists of a 13ML dam on the Severn River upstream of the current Storm King Dam and approximately 126km of raw water reticulation pipeline. The project cost is estimated at $100Million and will be funded from landowner contributions and grant funds from both State and Federal Governments. Premise is responsible for development and project management including: • Moving the concept design of the dam into a reference design and assisting the Technical Review Panel in resolving design issues • Assisting in development of water sales and the water sales process • Developing a hydraulic model with the option to supply raw water to the local Council • Undertaking the concept design of the pump stations (3) and approximately 126km of pipeline • Obtaining all the necessary planning and environmental approvals including the Co-ordinator General’s Priority infrastructure designation • Obtaining Infrastructure Designation classification • Obtaining EPBC Act approvals • Seeking and developing a Cultural Heritage Management Plan with the local indigenous groups who identify with the area • Developing preliminary cost estimations • Developing Specifications Documentation for the new dam and pipeline for tendering purposes • Reviewing of all existing reports and arrangements • Developing a timeline to match the funding milestones • Development of a procurement strategy to maximise local involvement • In association with the State Government, assessing tenders and recommending a suitable contractor and • Undertaking construction management of the construction phase.
  • Bathurst Water Harvesting System ($10Million) – Central New South Wales, Australia
    Premise was engaged by Bathurst Regional Council to undertake the conceptual design, approvals, modelling (water security and hydraulic modelling) and detail engineering design and documentation of a water harvesting and recycling scheme for Bathurst. The project was initiated as a drought response project and uses a combination of pump stations, rising mains, treatment system and ponds to harvest water from the Macquarie River. The harvested water is a combination of urban stormwater runoff and rural catchment runoff that otherwise would have passed the existing extraction point. The transfer of water to and from Winburndale Dam was also included in the project. This project commenced in late 2019 and had an extremely tight schedule given the critical nature of the project to assist with water security during the ongoing drought.
  • Ayr Reservoir & Water Treatment Plant, Burdekin Region, North Queensland, Australia ($12Million)
    Ayr Water Supply scheme became adversely affected by the loss of most of the production bores located at the Nelsons Lagoon Bore Field due to PFAS detection. Subsequently, the townships of Ayr, Brandon and Alva have experienced pressure loss and some discoloured water. This was the result of the reinstatement of older bores located at the Ayr Racecourse bore field to satisfy the water supply production shortage. Engagement Premise were subsequently engaged by Burdekin Shire Council to investigate water resiliency solutions to return water production capacity, water quality and operating supply pressures to normal. These investigations have resulted in Council receiving grant funding from the Queensland State Government for a Water Supply Resilience Package of Works that included the construction of a 10ML reservoir, a gaseous chlorination dosing facility, UV disinfection and integration with existing water supply infrastructure at the South Ayr Water Treatment Plant. Works Reviewed to Achieve Budget Premise were aware and cognisant of the Project Budget and engaged with local construction contractors at the completion of the projects 30% design phase to develop project estimates. The project was identified as over budget and as such Premise, with the contribution of said local contractors, identified savings without impact to Council’s functional requirements of the project. This included: • Reconfiguration of the site, demolition of the existing redundant building and construction of a single welded steel 10ML potable water storage reservoir. • Chemical dosing of potable water via sodium hypochlorite instead of Chlorine gas, resulting in the refurbishment of existing site facilities and reducing the need for construction of a new chlorination building. • Modification of Council’s proposed site arrangement to remove critical infrastructure from flood prone areas. The proposed changes have been implemented and the project is now tracking on budget. Multi-Disciplinary Service Provision As the Principal Consultant and Structural Engineer Premise was responsible for scoping and delivery of all engineering services including Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Process/Chemical, Architectural, Geotechnical, Survey & Services Location.
  • Bowen Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade ($4Million), Central Queensland, Australia
    Following a draft options report provided by Premise, Premise were engaged by Whitsunday Regional Council to provide concept design and process engineering for all instrumentation, control and power supply infrastructure required for the upgrades at the Bowen STP. In addition to detailed design and construction documentation, Premise supplied the client with additional documentation for the following elements: • A control strategy for the operation of the blowers and the clarifiers; • Design, drawings and specification requirements for works to install VSD’s on the existing mixers within the clarifier; • Design, drawings and specification requirements for works to provide electrical supply/control for the new septage receiver; • Investigation of the existing RAS pumps and requirements to upgrade these if required; • Design, drawings and specification requirements for the connection between the new blowers and the existing air supply delivery pipework; and • Design, drawings and specification requirements for a new shade structure and slab to protect the new screw press installation from the weather.
  • Lorengau, Manus Province in PNG New sewerage facility
    Premise provided detailed design and construction documentation for a new sewerage facility in Lorengau, Manus Province in PNG, which would provide for the township’s forecast 10,000 population growth. The township had no existing sewer disposal or treatment system other than septic tanks, nor a waste management system. Both the town water and electricity supplies were prone to frequent outages. To deliver the project Premise provided: • A review of design parameters and assessment of the validity of the feasibility study; • Detailed surveys of the facilities, and DTM of road corridors and significant areas to support the design; • Environmental baseline studies and impact assessment studies of the proposed solid waste and wastewater disposal sites • Detailed engineering design of the proposed sewerage scheme and formulate a preliminary design for a population of 10,000EP; • A detailed economic analysis; • A detailed bill of quantities and preliminary estimate of costs for the design; • Tender documents in accordance with Water PNG Procurement Manual; • Detailed construction drawings to enable tendering and construction of the sewerage scheme; and • Project coordination and management services.
    Premise provided design for a shipping port for the island valued at $AUD300Million. Premise services included provision for geotechnical investigations, provision for shipping channel, dredging, wharf structures, causeway, ship loaders, conveyors, bulk fuel storage and delivery, water supply, power generation and distribution. The project included all aspects of the preliminary and detailed design to tendering phase, cost estimates, reporting and technical specifications.
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