Australian Partners

Prentice Eco Systems Pty Ltd

We provide professional services in the fields of water resources engineering, environmental systems, and asset management. We can assist with technical review, data and systems analysis, and the design of management systems and infrastructure.

Climate change – Determining the sensitivity and variability of environmental and anthropological systems and providing resilience strategies. Pollution – Pollution analysis, water quality modelling, and management strategies for aquatic ecosystems. Stormwater flooding – Event hydrology, hydraulic modelling, and mitigation strategies. Stormwater yield – Long-term hydrology, stormwater yield analysis, and yield management strategies. Risk assessment – The analysis and determination of risk, hazard, and impacts on environmental, economic and social measures. Asset management – Pricing of capital works, operation, and maintenance of assets and the creation of systems for optimising asset value. Tools – The creation of system management software tools. Data analysis – Collection and detailed analysis of available data with resulting strategic planning. Markets – The legislation of water and energy markets.

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