Australian Partners

Ramboll Environ Australia Pty Ltd

Ramboll Environ deliver a wide range of water-related services; from early phase strategic analysis and project scoping to designing and implementing infrastructure solutions. Our customers include water and wastewater utilities, governments, local and regional authorities, developers and construction companies, as well as industrial companies and international political and financial institutions such as the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Ramboll Water has more than 700 consultants ? mainly engineers, hydraulic specialists, water consultants and landscape architects, but also economists, legal advisors and management consultants ? working with water projects on a global scale with more than 50 years of proven experience. We always strive to take a holistic approach and create innovative and creative solutions. As consultants, we take pride in creating value for society and we treat water as an extremely important resource.

• Climate resilience assessment and planning
• Flood-risk management
• Liveable cities
• Water resource management
• Water supply planning
• Water use management
• Good governance

  • Bay Blueprint Coastal Adaptation framework.
    Development of a coastal adaptation framework for the eleven councils comprising the Port Phillip Bay in Victoria. The project is being undertaken in partnership with AECOM and CARDNO.
  • City Wide Flood Management in Copenhagen
    Copenhagen is on the front line of climate change, experiencing increasingly heavy rains. Ramboll Environ developed the City’s Strategic Flood Masterplan taking account of detailed climate modelling, impact assessment and costing of adaptation options.
  • ABC Waters Program
    The creation of a holistic urban water management masterplan for Singapore. Short and long-term solutions were developed to provide flood protection, drinking water security, new public recreational spaces and biodiversity in the city.
  • Fraser’s Property Australia First Pass Climate Risk Assessment.
    Analysis of exposure and sensitivity of 188 property assets using climate modelling to determine a first pass risk assessments.
  • Climate Resilient Communities of the Barwon South West Region
    Ramboll Environ personnel were involved in the regional climate vulnerability assessment to assist ten coastal councils understand climate risks.
  • New York Climate Adaptation
    A best practice study on flood resiliency planning in order to further strengthen the city’s ability to plan and execute complex climate adaptation projects in the future.
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