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Riverina Institute of TAFE

Riverina Institute is a vocational education and training provider with a network of 19 campuses across 154,000 square kilometres of the Riverina-Murray region in southern NSW.

Riverina Institute is one of the most innovative, flexible and passionate education and training providers in Australia. We design and conduct tailored training programs for business and industry across the RiverinaMurray region, covering around one-third of NSW. Our business has also moved beyond our regional footprint and has grown into the national marketplace with the delivery of programs and services into all states and territories of Australia.

Our Water Operations programs are well-established and have been based at the National Environment Centre, near Albury NSW, for over ten years. Riverina Institute’s Water Operations distance and face to face education programs have developed from a small selection of competencies to full qualifications reflecting the industry’s training needs. A unit of specialist teachers has built and developed a consistent teaching program to support the water industry and is currently working towards implementation of the new Water Training Package products and developing an online option for training support and delivery.

The Institute is scoped to deliver over 300 qualifications and short courses across a range of vocational sectors. We support the development of human capital in our communities and in partnership with our industry clients. Workforce and personal development is achieved through capacity and capability programs to meet the growing needs of industry and communities across Australia and globally.

• Vocational training experience in Water Operations up to Diploma level
• Existing partnership arrangements including Water Industry Training Consultants at Deakin
• Future One TAFE NSW model consolidating Water and associated training experience
• Contextualisation experience across all streams of the National Water Training Package
• National experience across all state/territory jurisdictional models
• Existing short course programs to build immediate capacity
• Commitment to maintain industry links and validation of products
• ASQA approved to self-manage scope of qualification delivery

  • Riverina Water County Council
    Riverina Institute commenced a training program with Riverina Water in 2015. The initial program identified a range of workforce needs at Certificate II and III in Water Operations. This was complemented by a range of short courses designed to enable operator skills in a short period, including skill sets designed for meter readers. Riverina Water then undertook a range of Civil Construction programs for key cohorts of staff associated with asset maintenance. Other programs have rolled out to the full workforce with skill sets now being delivered in supervisory, IT, asbestos awareness, confined space, working at heights and management skills.
  • Rio Tinto Western Australia
    Riverina Institute has a long and collaborative partnership with Rio Tinto in Western Australia. Our engagement with this mining company commenced in 2011 and continues today. The request was for a series of ‘Network’ type competencies to complete a Certificate III in Water Operations. Students undertook face to face competency based training.
  • Sydney Catchment
    In 2009-2010, Riverina Institute began training arrangements with Sydney Catchment Authority to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning and Identification of Gap Training for 25 employees. The Trainer visited specific areas (dam sites) at Sydney Catchment to conduct RPL and skill gap identification over a period of 24 months. There were four separate weeks in the first year and two more separate weeks in the first semester of the second year. Most employees finished within the timeframe outline. Two employees had to catch up on training gaps identified. Employees completed their studies by our distance education program.
  • Tas Water (Tasmania)
    In 2012, Riverina Institute was contacted by TAS Water to discuss professional development needs for their water operators. After extensive consultation, a joint application was made to Skills Tasmania for funding to deliver training for TAS Water staff. The tender was successful and training began in 2013. Online training supported by visits to TAS Water staff for face-to-face training in a number of National Water Training Package qualifications and skill sets in 2013. All operators undertaking the qualifications and individual skill sets completed their training in the required time.
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