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RM Consulting Group (RMCG)

RM Consulting Group (RMCG) operates in the fields of agriculture, water, the environment and community development. We have over 40 professional staff with a diverse range of backgrounds that include agricultural science, engineering, ecology, sociology and economics. Our clients hire us because we listen carefully, and offer a broad perspective on problems. In the field of integrated water management we assist water authorities, catchment management authorities and other stakeholders to plan and implement effective solutions across river health, irrigation and drainage, biodiversity, water resources, salinity and economics. We develop solutions at state, regional, sub-catchment and local area levels by engaging individuals, community groups and institutions in the planning process. We are a leading player in the major reform of the irrigation businesses across northern Victoria providing strategic analysis as well as practical guidelines to implement workable solutions. We are experts in recycled water management. Our projects have covered a wide range of recycled water uses including agricultural irrigation, community recreation, dual pipe development, industrial reuse and environmental flows. Our services include strategic planning, triple-bottom line evaluation, site investigation, environmental assessment, feasibility studies, irrigation design, implementation and monitoring. We design sophisticated fit-fo- -purpose systems to utilise water in a manner that is good for the environment and good for business.

– Irrigation and drainage – system design, managing demand and improving efficiency
– Urban water – system planning, alternative water resources
– Environmental watering – management plans, watering proposals
– Water resource planning
– Recycled water management – system design, environmental management
– River health – catchment condition reporting, water quality
– Program evaluation
– Economics – cost benefit analysis, feasibility studies, business cases, price regulation
– Governance – water markets, water allocation

  • Cambodia Australia China Irrigation Dialogue
    The Cambodia-Australia-China Irrigation Dialogue is an international project that draws on the three countries’ experiences with irrigation and provides a forum to advance joint work in the area of irrigated agriculture. The dialogue: • promoted exchange of knowledge and experience about irrigated agriculture and its contribution to food security and economic growth; • explored the development philosophy and practice underpinning irrigation investment in each country, and assess the issues and impacts of current irrigation investment practice in Cambodia; • explored the feasibility of further collaboration to assist Cambodia’s irrigation sector provide greater benefits to the rural poor and the development of the country
  • Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project
    RMCG has been extensively involved in the modernisation of irrigation infrastructure in northern Victoria. The project involves investment of $2 billion to create a supply system to meet the needs of irrigators into the next century and also generate significant water savings. RMCG provided the lead advice on how individual irrigation properties connect to an automated ‘backbone’. RMCG also played a major role in preparing the cost-benefit analysis, determining whole of life costs and developing levels of service. We have recently reviewed the progress of the project as at 2015, halfway through the project life.
  • Murray L&WMP Water Use Efficiency
    This project determined: • The financial implications of changing to Centre Pivot and Lateral Move (CPLM) technology • Factors leading to adoption of CPLM technology or barrier to adoption. The common elements behind the successful adoption of CPLM technology were identified and discussed. Several farms were used as case studies to gather costs and income around the establishment and operation of the CPLM technology covering a range of crop types in southern NSW. The study made a number of recommendations to ensure appropriate investment decisions and targeted implementation of irrigation systems.
  • Environmental watering – seasonal watering proposals
    Using the Victorian Environmental Water Holder guidelines, we developed Seasonal Watering Proposals for Gunbower Forest, Gunbower Creek and Pyramid Creek. This included participating in stakeholder consultation.
  • Review of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Recovery Project
    The South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) engaged RMCG to conduct a mid-program review of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLMM) Recovery Project. The CLLMM Recovery Project was put together in response to the environmental and community stresses created by long running drought and low inflows to the Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth. It is an ambitious and complex, 5 year, $137 million project that includes work on terrestrial and aquatic habitat; building community capacity, skills and knowledge; extensive community engagement; research and monitoring, and; threatened species recovery.
  • Kerang Lakes Bypass Project
    RMCG developed a business case for the Kerang Lakes Bypass Project, which is a Victorian Priority Project under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Murray Darling Basin Reform (2008). Five wetlands within the Kerang Lakes Ramsar site were considered within the project, which proposes to disconnect the lakes from the Torrumbarry Irrigation System and install structures to enable environmental watering. The business case explored the potential water savings through reduced evaporation and seepage, the enhanced environmental outcomes to the wetlands and the associated costs and community benefits. RMCG had developed a similar business case for the Gunbower Lagoons Modernisation Project.
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