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Rubicon Systems (Holdings) Pty Ltd

Technology company focused upon improving large scale, gravity fed irrigation systems. Through our software, hardware, communications and control technology we enable irrigation authorities to provide equitable, close to on-demand delivery of water on a spatial and temporal basis along large scale irrigation networks, improve the water use efficiencies, computerize their operations, and support them in training and change management.

Irrigation district modernization On farm modernization Training and change management

  • GMW: Shepparton Irrigation District modernisation
    CUSTOMER OVERVIEW: Shepparton ID diverts 150 GL (MCM, hm3) (120,000ac-ft) of water annually to 2,500 irrigation customers via 700 km (435mi) of earthen canals and commands an area of 51,000ha (126,000ac).BUSINESS PROBLEMS- Over-extraction of water from the Murray River and its tributaries resulted in poor wetland, lake and floodplain health. 30% of the water diverted to the Shepparton Irrigation Area was lost during transmission. Irrigators received a poor service: inconsistent flows, four day lead times, inequitable supply, inaccurate measurement onto the farm. SOLUTION: Rubicon TCC suite of technology. BUSINESS BENEFITS -Delivery efficiency improved from 70% to 90% . 29 GL (23,500ac-ft) of water recovered annually for environmental watering without decreasing irrigation water availability. All farmers now irrigate more productively with high, consistent flows, and near on-demand service
  • Coleambally Irrigation modernisation project
    CUSTOMER OVERVIEW: Coleambally Irrigation is an irrigator-owned cooperative in New South Wales, Australia. It delivers up to 540GL (MCM, hm3)(437,785ac-ft) of water annually via 500 km (310mi) of canal to 500 farms. BUSINESS PROBLEM – Ongoing drought significantly affected the amount of water available to irrigators as well the as the health of the Murrumbidgee river from which it drew its water. In periods of normal rainfall Coleambally was able to take up to 540 GL (437,785ac-ft) of water annually from the Murrumbidgee River; however in 2002/03 intake was a low as 350 GL (283,750ac-ft). Delivery efficiency was approximately 73%. Up to 7% of the district’s water was lost through outfalls (spills). SOLUTION – Rubicon TCC suite of technology. BUSINESS BENEFITS – Outfalls (spills) almost completely cease. Delivery efficiency increased to 91%. Coleambally was able to increase available water for customers. In return for automation funding Coleambally was able to transfer 84 GL (68,100ac-ft) of its annual water entitlement. This water is now retained in the river system.
  • Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project (NVIRP) stage 1
    CUSTOMER OVERVIEW: NVIRP was set-up by the Victorian Government to manage the modernisation of the Torrumbarry, Loddon Valley, Murray Valley, parts of Central Goulburn and Shepparton areas of the irrigation areas managed by Goulburn-Murray Water. BUSINESS PROBLEM – Analysis revealed 900GL (MCM, hm3) (730,000ac-ft) was lost annually – twice the consumption of the city of Melbourne. Severe drought that had lasted 7 years. Intention to renovate and consolidate over 5000km (3,100mi) of canals and recover 225GL (MCM, hm3)(182,410ac-ft) of water for sharing with Melbourne city. SOLUTION – Rubicon TCC suite of technology. BUSINESS BENEFITS – 109GL (88,368ac-ft) have been recovered by 2011 (last audited results). Service levels have improved (reduced order time, increased flexibility). Efficiency increased from 70% to 84. Farmers are now able to improve on-farm application efficiency
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