Australian Partners


Institute for Studies and Development Worldwide (IFSD) is a research, consulting and training institute working in the areas of water, agriculture, food secusity, forest, climate change, environmental management and international development. It is based in Sydney and has an active partnership with water research and management organisations in South Asia and the Himalayas. It fosters innovative partnership among academic institutions, local communities, policy makers, the private sector and emerging actors like diasporic groups to facilitate research and innovation for sustainable communities. It has strong expertise in research, project development and implementation, policy analysis, innovation brokering, and sustainable natural resources management. IFSD team is particularly strong in undertaking interdisciplinary research in the nexus of water, forest, agriculture, food security, and rural landscapes. Gender and social equity is an overarching theme in all of IFSD works. IFSD is also working on methodological innovations to improve research-policy-practice interface in water resources management in South Asian context.

  • Himalayan Field School
    The Himalayan Field School on Environment, Culture and Society (HeemSchool) is designed to provide a unique practice-oriented, culturally diverse, and intellectually stimulating learning experience on environment and the society in the Himalayas. Facilitated by a team of well-recognised professionals, community leaders and researchers, the HeemSchool will enable participants to understand and engage with a wide range of Himalayan issues and realities. Himalayas is an open university for people from around the world to learn how people and communities are living with climate change, disaster risks, political transitions, institutional transformations, building resilience and at the same time suffering vulnerability and social exclusion.
  • Water security in South Asia
    Working with Southasia Institute for Advanced Studies (SIAS) and its partners in Nepal and India, IFSD is undertaking research in various cities in South Asia to understand water governance and planning practices with a view to explore urban water security.
  • Diaspora for SDG
    IFSD is working with Nepalese diaspora in Australia to facilitate partnership between disaspora investors and nepalese developemnt stakeholders to design and promote pro-poor and inclusive agricultural and ecosoturism enterprises.
  • Research communication
    IFSD team writes blogs and research briefs based on research to inform wider policy actors and the public on water security and environmental sustainability.
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