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Sentek Pty Ltd

Sentek provides sensors, telemetry and software solutions for precision measurement and management of soil water, temperature and salinity dynamics. Used in a diverse range of applications including research, environmental monitoring and commercial agriculture, Sentek products have gained international credibility, including published peer review, among research agencies and commercial enterprises. They are sold and supported through a global network of highly trained distributors.

1) Extensive knowledge and experience in soil-water-plant-atmosphere dynamics 2) Specialist skills and experience relating to precision irrigation scheduling 3) Ability to optimize water efficiency through measurement and interpretation 4) Achieve crop yield maximisation per water applied 5) Develop irrigation strategies to achieve repeatable crop quality parameters 6) Track fertilizer and salinity buildup achieving sustainable outcomes 7) Disseminate information in easy to use form to growers and researchers alike 8) Analyse and quantify water dynamics in the soil 9) Gain insights into plant behaviour eg. root growth 10) Refine irrigation techniques using continuous data insights

  • IAEA Empowerment Projects,Commercial Irrigation Projects,Wastewater Optimisation Project,Plant Genetic Development Project
    Supply soil moisture, telemetry and software solutions to a range of government departments and entities as part of the IAEA outreach programme. Sentek has been involved for over 15 years and has completed missions in over 20 countries including (most recently) Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Jamaica, Namibia, Panama, Kenya.,For 26 years Sentek has supplied probes, telemetry and software solutions to over 80 countries with deployment in over 200 crops. Precision irrigation scheduling training is supplied as part of the product package plus ongoing agronomic and technical support. Outcomes include water use efficiency; environmental sustainability; yield optimisation and the achievement of crop quality requirements,Working with a range of mining companies, Sentek probes and software monitor and analyse the responsible disposal of treated waste-water over extensive areas. The deep probes with sensors in the soil and vadose zone; guide precision irrigation scheduling; track salinity trends; measure leachate percolation continuously and are key data inputs into hydrological modelling systems.,Working with commercial hybrid seed developers; Sentek probe measurement of soil water dynamics are used to track root development and are key to: 1) Quantifying the effectiveness of breeding in facilitating root growth under drought conditions. 2) Identifying which hybrids perform best in different soil types and climatic zones. 3) Providing precision soil moisture and salinity data to ensure optimum yields are achieved by the hybrid seed.
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