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Similie is a tech company who offers world-class tech solutions that improve the efficiency of how organisations in the emerging markets of South-East Asia and Pacific deliver their services. Our technology services are focused on the WaSH and disaster risk reduction sectors in the region, using our IoT, cloud-computing and AI technologies. We also work in (military grade) asset management, logistics and personnel management, which are also being applied to water supply asset management scenarios.

The Similie Team is a unique blend of WaSH, DRR and water sector experts, combined with engineers, software and tech developers. Our water sector work includes innovative approaches to community and government water sector issues using our technologies, establishment of multi-hazard early warning systems for natural disasters including fire, flood, strong winds and landslides, the use of AI for flash flood detection and the drafting of water law, policy and water sector reviews.

What makes Similie different is how we engage and work with the end users of our technology solutions. We are people focused and implement our projects through our change management framework, community-based development approaches and user designed technology experiences to deliver long term sustainability of the technologies we implement. (

  • National Multi-Hazard Early Warning System
    Similie was engaged to integrate remote monitoring stations establish by the UNDP and the World Bank into Similie’s early warning system platform for the Government of Timor-Leste to provide early warning alerts for flash flood, landslide, strong winds and fire to communities. Similie reviewed and analysed historical data to guide Government technical groups on setting threshold triggers alerts and the establishment of emergency operating procedures and alert messaging for Government to disseminate. Funded by World Vision-Timor-Leste, Similie also added a flood detection system for rural communities that links rainfall intensity to river levels into this National EWS.
  • Mercy Corps DRR Partnership
    Similie is partnering with Mercy Corps to deliver improved flood detection and warnings to rural and urban communities across Timor-Leste. Part of this project that commenced in 2020 explores the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to define the risk of floods. The project is focussed on protecting the livelihoods of 5,000 households in a remote river catchment in Timor-Leste. This project is specifically designed to show that it is possible to establish early warning systems in locations with little of local historical data. This project has also gained support from a Microsoft-AI Earth Innovation Community Grant.
  • Smart Metering of Community Water Supply Systems
    Similie designed and developed smart metering technologies suitable for community scale water supply systems and then deployed the technology in partnership with WaterAid. Similie’s IoT device Ai collects data from a range of sensors and transmits data to One, Similie’s cloud platform. The data is analysed supply system performance and alerts the community and water managers for prompt action. This initial project has been extended to include more water supply systems across different locations of Timor-Leste and the integration of non-mechanical water metering devices for the household level. The project will continue into 2021.
  • AGROMET – National Agrometeorology Database
    Similie was engaged to develop a national MIS for the Department of Agriculture and Land GIS (ALGIS) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF). Using our change management approach Similie guided government through the process of design and development of the database, training and creation of future system design documentation. This project was supported by the EU Climate Change Adaptation Program, Camões Portugal and GIZ
  • Digital transformation for improved Logistics and Asset Management Systems
    Similie was engaged by the Australian Department of Defence to digitise the entire asset management and logistics systems and processes of the Federal Defence Forces of Timor-Leste (F-FDTL). This is a major, multi-year project that incorporates every asset within the FFDTL, including water supply systems, their assets, maintenance scheduling and supply chains. This project is ongoing and will be delivered to international military logistics standards and includes a large change management component for the 4,000 employees of FFDTL.
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