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STAR Water Solutions Pty Ltd

STAR Water Solutions Pty Ltd designs and supplies customised stormwater and run-off treatment and reuse biofilter systems based on a proprietary computer design system. Using science developed over the past fifteen years our approach enables STAR Water to design specifically for clients requirements and to source and optimise filter componentry in many local jurisdictions around the world. STAR Water has designed and supplied systems throughout Australia. Canada, Singapore and the United States since 1998 in a wide range of applications including urban, industrial, agricultural and mining sectors. STAR Water is building a worldwide network of manufacturers, licensees and distributors using locally sourced, sustainable materials where possible to further reduce impacts on natural environments. Our systems can be either integrated into Water Sensitive Urban Design, Low Impact Design, Green Infrastructure & “Sponge Cities” or used on a stand alone basis.

– Custom Bio-Filter Design and supply
– Engineering interface
– Horticulture
– Environmental Science
– Environmental Engineering
– Water re-use for non-potable applications
– Testing and Analysis
– Bio-Filter Integration

  • Jurong Island Ground Water Treatment System
    STAR Water has installed a biofilter system on Jurong Island as part of a ground water monitoring and treatment project involving JTC Singapore’s National Industrial Infrastructure developer. The biofilter was designed in Australia and built in Singapore using locally available components that were configured to optimise treatment performance for targeted contaminants. The system will soon be going fully online where treatment results will be documented. The system has already demonstrated that it can sustain plant life far more successfully than surrounding areas
  • Faber Rain Garden Installation, Singapore
    STAR Water is installing a bio-filter in a raingarden for PUB in a reserve at Faber Gardens at Faber Gardens. Locally sourced components have been imported into Australia to assist in the filter configuration and design by STAR Water’s Sydney based team in collaboration with the Tom Farrell Institute in Newcastle, NSW. The filter will then be constructed in Singapore by STAR Water’s contracted manufacturer and will include a monitoring and service pack
  • Hawkesbury-Nepean River Program
    STAR Water has supplied over one hundred farmers on the Hawkesbury-Nepean River System in Sydney with products and services that have reduced farm runoff into the river system. Additional benefits have included reducing water consumption by up to fifty percent that has had indirect energy cost benefits to the farmers. Reactive Filter Amendments have been specifically design to be incorporated with existing soils that has provide moisture holding, better soil structure and reduced erosion. Farmers have also reported significant farm yield benefits as well. Oroducts have been supplied to these farmers since 2010.
  • Lougheed Highway Project, British Columbia, Canada
    This installation has been in place since 2011 and was designed to protect adjoining streams and salmon habitats from highway run-off. The filters system extends hundreds of meters down the median strip of the highway is planted with local native species and it is designed to perform at below zero temperatures and up to thirty degrees celsius.
  • North Steyne Stormwater Treatment and Reuse System
    This project was an early large scale infrastructure project that STAR Water personnel design the filters for. Installed in 2001 the system is still functioning some fourteen years later and filters run-off from North Steyne road and carpark areas. Following filter treatment the run-off is then captured in sub-surface tanking systems that is used to irrigate parklands adjoining the beach. Manly Council has been quoted as saying that the system saves enough potable water to reduce their water bills by approximately $28,000 per annum.
  • Boeing Facility bioswale system, Long Beach, Califonia, USA
    STAR Water designed and supplied a bio-swale filter system for a project at Boeing C17 facilty at Long Beach, California treat road and car park run-off. The system was design to target a wide range of contaminants such as heavy metals, nutrients and toxic compounds such as hydrocarbons. California has “Total Daily Maximum Limits” on selected pollutant discharges from industrial sites and the choice of STAR Water’s technology was based on it’s treatment capability and integration into the surrounding environment.
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