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Sustineo Pty Limited

Sustineo is an Australian-based consulting firm specialising in the provision of advisory and research services in Australia and the Indo-Pacific. Sustineo works across a range of disciplines and areas of interest relevant to the Australian Water Partnership. This includes climate change and sustainability, community development, strategy, impact assessment and evaluation, governance, gender, health, social justice and organisational change. Sustineo?s tailored and multidisciplinary approach derives from our commitment to support positive and sustainable change. Our capability consists of a balanced combination of strategic analysis and insight, technical expertise, project and research management, and administrative support. Our experience in the public and private sectors means that we understand our client?s unique needs and context, can quickly appreciate the project requirements and can develop targeted, relevant and practical solutions. We also have extensive networks into the Australian university and research sector.

• Research (including qualitative, quantitative and integrative)
• Resilience and vulnerability assessment
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Impact Assessment
• Policy and Strategy Development
• Organisational Performance, Change and Review
• Performance Audit
• Cross-cultural Engagement

  • Development of an evidence-based climate change adaptation toolkit to help improve community resilience to climate change impacts in Uttarakhand, India – Asia-Pacific Network,Engaging agricultural communities in climate resilient food production adaptatio
    Sustineo consultants developed an evidence-based toolkit for climate resilience within the Ramgarh River Basin, India. The Basin is known as the fruit bowl of India, however, climate change has endangered local agriculture through decreasing rain days and increasing extreme weather events including flooding and drought. Sustineo partnered with the Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study and worked with local stakeholders to conduct a risk and vulnerability assessment, and to provide tools for local resilience to climatic extremes. This process identified issues around water systems for irrigation and drinking.,Sustineo is currently engaged by CSIRO to identify research strategies for climate resilient agriculture in Papua New Guinea. Previously droughts in the Highlands have resulted in serious food-shortages for 2 million people. Sustineo is facilitating greater understanding of the water resource base through better weather monitoring and forecasting through an analysis of formal and informal knowledge networks in PNG.,Sustineo undertook pioneering work to develop a new qualitative impact assessment methodology to enable ACIAR to better capture the capacity building, relationship development and policy impacts of the its investments. The Knowledge Systems and Research and Policy In Development (KS-RAPID) Framework was successfully tested to assess the success of ACIAR’s work in reducing aflotoxin in peanuts in Indonesia and Australia. This important new impact assessment methodology has now been adopted by ACIAR and Sustineo had been engaged to further develop and apply the methodology across other ACIAR programs.,Sustineo evaluated the Real Jobs Program through mixed-method approach to assess the sustainability, impact, and long-term viability of the RJP. The evaluation assessed the intended and unintended benefits of land management and range programs supported within the program, including the significant social benefits such positions brought to communities, and the on-going environmental benefits align with the work being delivered. The final evaluation report identified the core successors, challenges and enablers of the program and provided detailed recommendations to increase value for money, program efficiency and sustainability.,Building on our work in developing the novel KS-RAPID Framework as a means to assess the impact of ACIAR’s research investments, Sustineo conducted a comprehensive impact assessment of over AUD$4million of investments into giant clam production in the Indo-Pacific region. Sustineo’s approach combined the KS-RAPID framework with econometric tools and applied it with qualitative and quantitative data from 10 different countries in the Indo-Pacific. The successful use of qualitative and quantitative impact assessment methods demonstrated the value of documenting the drivers of long-term impact, and helped identify lessons for future investments.,Sustineo was engaged to design a livelihoods-based methodology for assessing poverty reduction for ACIAR. Based on extensive research and literature review, the Sustineo team designed the systems-based methodology and authored the ACIAR report for publication.
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