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The Goyder Institute for Water Research

The Goyder Institute is a collaborative model that brings together the South Australian Government with the State?s leading water research capabilities at the University of Adelaide, Flinders University and UniSA, in collaboration with CSIRO, into a single, comprehensive research institute. The organisation?s mandate is to provide independent, expert scientific research that not only supports new and improved water management policies, but also builds and enhances the knowledge base within Government departments and more broadly across the water sector to address the issues facing the industry now and over the next decade. It should be noted that the administration arrangements of the Institute are under review and will change from CSIRO to the International Centre of Excellence for Water Resource Management. Seperate governance will continue for both organisations in relation to decision making and activities, however, there are synergies and common memberships that by being brought together will maximise the outcomes of both organisations. Through the Institute model the South Australian government has directed a complex portfolio of research investment to inform water management across a broad diversity of issues including water for industry, climate change, urban water and environmental water and is inclusive of the physical sciences, social sciences, law and economics, to support government policy development.

Urban water systems, optimisation and Managed Aquifer Recharge and Stormwater Reuse Water Governance and Law Environmental science, including river and floodplain ecology Water quality and salinity management Surface water-groundwater interactions Interface between urban catchments and coastal environments Cultural water values River basin management, including catchment and surface water hydrology Water For Mining and Agriculture, including water resource assessment and water recycling Climate change downscaling and water resource, infrastructure and regional assessments

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