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Conservation International (CI) is a global conservation NGO which believes that people need nature. For over 30 years CI has worked to protect nature around the planet. Through cutting-edge science, innovative policy and global reach, we empower people to protect the nature that we rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. We work to protect and restore the freshwater ecosystems around the world that supply critical services to the people who depend on them most. Grounded in sound science, our projects offer innovative solutions that can serve as models for conservation anywhere on Earth. Given the link between nature and human well-being, we build bridges between conservation and development, providing leaders at all levels with the information they need to understand the true value of nature’s benefits. To this end we have developed the Freshwater Health Index; work with local communities to secure inland fisheries – most notably on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake; link conservation with water, sanitation and hygiene services to enhance land and water stewardship; and restore green infrastructure to benefit freshwater servies. We achieve these aims by engaging in water policy, local community development, innovations in finance, partnering with corporations and science. Please see for more details.

  • Sesan, Srepok and Sekong (3S) Basin FHI assessment
    We conducted an assessment of the Freshwater Health of the transboundary 3S river basin in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. 34EH7848516601000935100
  • Tonle Sap Basin FHI assessment
    We conducted an assessment of the Freshwater Health of the Tonle Sap river basin in Cambodia.
  • Tonle Sap Families and Fisheries Resilience Building
    Since 2006 CI has worked with communities on the Tonle Sap Lake developing the Families and Fisheries Resilience Building Model (FFRBM). The FFRBM improves local people’s livelihoods whilst helping them conserve the Lake’s unique natural values, building fishing community resilience through recovering fish stocks, diversifying and raising community incomes, and restoring both flooded forests and wildlife. We assist communities in managing their fishery and floodplain resources by supporting local Community Fisheries Organizations (CFis) – groups of citizen volunteers living on and around the lake. In collaboration with the Cambodian Government Fisheries Administration, CFis manage an area of the lake and / or its floodplain. Through the FFRBM, we have successfully built the management, patrolling, and financial capacity of nine CFis located in the lake’s high biodiversity areas.
  • Dongjiang FHI assessment
    We conducted and FHI assessment of the Dongjiang River Basin in China.
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