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Truii Pty Ltd

Truii Pty Ltd solves your project data problems. For data focused projects such as water resource management, 80% of your project time is spent handling data (Wickham, H. 2014 Tidy Data, Jnl Statistical Software, 59, 10). Water resource management projects are typically collaborative projects involving individuals from different disciplines and different organisations. These projects rely of information sharing and this information is usually formed around data. Data such as meteorological, water quality, hydrologic and spatial data which needs to be collated, tidied (wrangled), shared and visualised. is a data management platform designed specifically for environmental data focused projects. allows for secure data sharing, it includes a large and growing collection of data wrangling and data visualisation functions. is a secure, project level, cloud based, data centric platform designed for the non-data specialist where all project team members can access and interact with the project files (and specifically the data files) to maintain a single point of truth and version control.

A starting point for international water resource management projects is often:
Who has the data?,
How do we get it?,
Where can we store it that is safe and accessible for the whole team?,
What does it look like?, and
How can we keep track of it during the project?
The platform operates across all elements of the project data requirements:
• Data collation: including the development and facilitation of data management systems
• Data wrangling: manipulation and cleaning of data as required for hydrological modelling and statistical
• Data visualisation: charts and maps to instantly visualise data.
• Data analysis: statistical analysis and data summaries.
• Data curation: Control user access levels and maintain version control.

  • Flood Decision Support System (FloodDSS)
    Truii Pty Ltd is delivering a cloud based flood decision support system with BMTWBM. The Flood DSS provides real time flood event information including rainfall data, stream flow recordings along with modelled flood extents and highlights areas under threat for active flood events. The Flood DSS is designed for use by local governments and emergency authorities to respond to active flood events.
  • Healthy Waterways Partnership Data portal
    The Healthy Waterways Partnership (HWP) is a consortium of local authorities, state government and research organisations that collect and report on water quality data for South East Queensland. A major new initiative of the HWP has been the development of 19 hydrodynamic models to cover the streams and estuaries of South East Queensland. Truii is partnering with the HWP to deliver an online solution to deliver data visualisations for the modelled scenarios.
  • Qld Department of Science Innovation and Technology (DSITI) water resource planning support
    The DSITI conducts ecological modelling to assess water resource planning approaches for Qld. The Ecological modelling activities are conducted using Eco modeller and are supported by Yorb Pty Ltd (a sister company of Truii Pty Ltd). In the course of conducting ecological modelling and water resource assessment many data sets are created and managed. The DSITI team have been testing the use of Truii as their project level data wrangling and management solution.
  • Griffith University – Melbourne Water Project data
    Melbourne Water is conducting a long term water monitoring and assessment project jointly with Griffith University. Truii has partnered with the project to deliver data handling and data wrangling capacity for high frequency water quality data.
  • Collaborative Contract Research Project Lead (Dr Nick Marsh)
    1. National Water Commission Low Flows Project – involving every state and NT in a collective research into the ecological effects of low flows (20 reports) (2012-2013). 2. Federal Department of Water (Office of Water) Research into the ecological effects of Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mining. Collaborative contract research project between Griffith University, University of NSW, Edith Cowan University (2014-2016). 3. eWater Ecological Management program. Dr Nick Marsh jointly led the ecological management program in the eWater CRC. This program had 25 full time equivalent staff located across 32 research and government agencies.
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